Warren says it’s ‘undemocratic’ to not kill the unborn any time for any reason


Abortion is about “the functioning of our democracy,” former Democratic presidential contender Elizabeth Warren told Teen Vogue in an interview this week.

The baby killer said “voting and access to abortion are basic” rights that are “about the functioning of our democracy and about the protection of personal autonomy.”

We understand that sometimes abortion is necessary to save the mother for some serious reasons. There are other possible exceptions but killing babies at any time for any reason is the ending of life.

Democrats want to kill babies minutes from birth because mom changed her mind.

She told the teens and pre-teens who read the garbage magazine:

“Protection of the vote means your voice gets heard in government. Protection of access to basic health care means your autonomy as a human being is fully respected by the law. That you will make the decisions about yourself. To me, that’s part of the heart of what all of this is about,” she said. “This is where the two big fights are shaping up right now.”

She said voting and baby abortions are intertwined with “respect for the individual” and from “a political point of view.”

What does voting have to do with abortions? Respect for the individual? Babies might disagree.

Killing babies who are about to be born is a political point of view according to the commie.


“The right-wing extremists know that if they can keep people from voting, they’ve got a better chance to impose their views about abortion on an unwilling nation,” she told the publication. “I don’t have to tell you, [one 2018 poll found that] 71% of Americans support Roe. Now, when 71% of Americans support something, including 52% of Republicans, you’d think it would be easy to make that law.”

She is the extremist.

Democrats believe women have the right to kill their almost-born babies because it’s their body. However, if it comes to a vaccine shot, it’s not your body.

She thinks it’s undemocratic to not kill babies when they are fully developed.

“It is fundamentally antidemocratic.… This is a Republican Party that now openly admits that their only chance to hang on to power is to keep a substantial number of American citizens from voting,” Warren said. “And why is that so? Because what they want to do is not popular with Democrats or Republicans.”

Why is this even partisan? It should transcend politics.

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