Warren’s negotiating with both Biden and Sanders for her endorsement & she’s dropping out!


The media is reporting that Senator Elizabeth Warren (a fake Indian) will drop out, but we don’t yet know who she will endorse. She will inform her staff of her plans later this morning, according to a person close to her, the NY Times is reporting.

So far, she said she is not ready to endorse anyone.

Warren drove Bloomberg out of the race, destroying his candidacy during her attacks at two debates. He couldn’t handle them and was unprepared.

Her potential endorsement is highly sought after in the race and both Mr. Sanders and former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. have spoken with Ms. Warren since Super Tuesday when the end of her campaign appeared imminent, the Times reports.

She is clearing the far-left lane for Bernie Sanders with six more races to go.


Elizabeth Warren is in endorsement talks with both Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and former Vice President Joe Biden (D-DE). Which deal did she make?

The fact that Senator Warren is negotiating with both Bernie and Biden teams emphasizes her insincere nature.

Her recent signs of desperation and pandering to minorities and transgender children also highlight her dishonesty. Remember how she said she’d put a transgender 9-year-old on a committee to select her cabinet.

If Senator Warren endorses Biden, she gets the Bloomberg money, but there goes her progressive rep, fake as it is. If she goes with Sanders, she keeps her progressive label but will be on the outs with the establishment. And she will lose all that money.

In truth, Biden is also far-left, but he is now claiming to be ‘moderate’. He is the standard-bearer of the ‘moderate’ wing of the Democrat (Socialist) Party.


Top surrogates and allies of Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are discussing ways for their two camps to unite and push a common [leftist] liberal agenda. She will likely leave the campaign soon and they want to keep pushing the party left.

They are discussing the possibility of Warren endorsing Sanders.

They are also appealing to Warren’s supporters to switch their allegiance to Sanders, according to two people with direct knowledge of the conversations who spoke to the Washington Post.

Warren associates and the campaign of former vice president Joe Biden also had talks about a potential endorsement if she drops out.

The woman has no moral core so it’s not surprising she’d bounce between the two.

Many Warren allies believed she would stay in the race until the Democratic convention as late as Tuesday.

The victory in delegates is not as huge as Biden and the Democrat media would have you believe. A Bernie win is not impossible, but a big gamble.

Warren and Sanders spoke by phone Wednesday, Sanders told reporters in Vermont. “She has not made any decisions as of this point,” he said. “It is important for all of us, certainly me, who has known Elizabeth Warren for many, many years, to respect the time and the space she needs to make a decision.”

“She has run a strong campaign,” Sanders said. “She will make her own decision in her own time.”

Liberal groups that endorsed Sanders are now planning a conference call for Thursday, in part to discuss the impact of Warren’s candidacy on the race and the potential effect of withdrawal.

Her endorsement is considered a coup.

WaPo actually wrote that “Her debate skills have been a high point of her campaign, showcasing her mastery of policy and her intellectual deftness — particularly in the Las Vegas debate, when she verbally disassembled former New York mayor Mike Bloomberg, arguably ending his campaign.”

To the Sentinel, she is very nasty and so far-left she can’t see the forest from the trees, plus she lies, about everything.

Warren still has funding and crowds at her rallies, but only 28 delegates. She didn’t even win her home state.

Warren has also been facing mounting pressure from liberal activists and Sanders supporters to depart the race. They argue that she is hurting the senator from Vermont by dividing the party’s liberal [furthest left] faction, while Democratic centrists have coalesced behind Biden.

The Democrat media is backing Biden on behalf of the establishment. Sanders lost some states because of Warren.

Without Warren in the race, Bernie would likely have won seven states: Minnesota, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Colorado, Utah, and California. Biden would probably have also won seven states: Virginia, North Carolina, Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Texas.

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The Roar of the Masses Could Be Farts
The Roar of the Masses Could Be Farts
3 years ago

The people have spoken and they don’t want this Hillary lite pandering poseur. When you can’t even win your home state then it is time to close up shop.
A neighbor lady is a true believer from the glorious people’s republic of Massachusetts and even she can’t stand Fauxcahontas.
Her millennial spawn have the sads because they have no one to vote for and there is a tiny violin that plays Misty.