‘Moderate’ Joe Biden Is Just as much a socialist as Crazy Bernie


Who is fighting for our Constitution and our rights? It appears that Congress thinks their duty is to pass laws that violate our freedoms and our rights, and they do it against the will of the majority of the people. The Democrats, in particular, are standouts.

Now that the communist Bernie and his squad and others in the party are going mainstream, where is the resistance to it? The Democrat angst about Bernie Sanders is only that he is unelectable right now and is too open about what he is.

‘Moderate’ Joe Biden is a closet socialist/communist who will serve as a puppet to the far-left forces now in control of the party.

Ask yourself what excites the Democrats? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez excites them. She is a liar and a communist. The entire squad is dishonest and they’re communists without admitting it. They go with the more euphemistic Democratic Socialist.


Biden has made it clear he wants to end all deportations and plans to resume wasteful aid to Central American countries that had no benefits for the United States. He supports full amnesty. Citizens will continue to take second place to foreigners here illegally under Biden.

“These kids have come, they’ve done well, most of these kids — there’s a lot of them, and they’re not just Hispanic, they’re Asian-Pacific Islanders as well. and they, in fact, have done very, very well,” Biden said at an event held in Ames, Iowa.

“In many cases, they’re more American than most Americans are because they have done well in school. They believe the basic principles that we all share. I think they should, in fact, put on a path to citizenship.”

The former vice president wants the small number of transgenders to rule the majority. He said there will be no compromise on the issue. He’s going to put men in women’s prisons if they feel like women and he’s going to make little girls in schools put up with boys in their locker rooms.

Another no-compromise issue is private school funding and vouchers. There will be none in his administration. The man who would be President said he’d spend 70% of the education budget on pre-school. Don’t worry, he won’t remember to do it.

Coal miners will all be out of work under Biden. He literally suggested they could learn to code if they can go into mines. He promises to destroy the fossil fuel industry.

Hairy legs Joe said he will “absolutely” radicalize the food systems and radically de-carbonize our transportation systems.

We might even have Barack Obama as a Supreme Court Justice. Corn Pop Joe promised he would appoint him.

Oh, and he’s going to make us all pay for other peoples’ abortions.

Free speech is not a high priority. He threatened reporters and media in general if they posted ads he didn’t like or allowed Rudy to talk.

As for guns, Joe says the Constitution doesn’t say anyone can own a weapon. He’s coming for our guns.

As for healthcare, he said the public option won’t be quality, but it will be affordable. If people want quality, they will be able to pay for it, he said. Corn Pop will put people who disagree with his healthcare plan in jail.

Illegal aliens will all get free healthcare and any free anything we give.

A video from 2015 resurfaced in 2019. Joe Biden says in the clip that he wants an “unrelenting stream of immigration” that will make “Caucasians like me” the minority. And that’s a “good thing.”

Every parent will get an $8000 credit for childcare.

The first thing he will do when he assumes office will be to raise taxes and end the Trump tax cuts.

Biden called antifa “courageous young Americans.”

As for foreign relations, he said China is not a threat.

There is more, but, obviously, he is not moderate at all. His goal is the same as Bernie’s in the end. He even said he’s on the same page with the socialists.

All these politicians care about are themselves with a few remarkable exceptions like Devin Nunes, Jim Jordon, Mark Meadows, Lee Zeldin, Ted Cruz, obviously Donald Trump, and a handful of others.

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marty lopez
marty lopez
3 years ago

Bloomberg’s money has already found a path to Bolshevik Bernie the Commie. He promises to walk away quietly just like he did for Hillary and before the convention even begins. That should really excite all his supporters when they finally realize they have been played still again.

Robert Howard
Robert Howard
3 years ago

Biden, when he is coherent, is just a Bolshevik and Bernie. He is simply better at pretending to be a moderate.

Pink Moon
Pink Moon
3 years ago

The CPUSA comrades think that their pets will never turn against them. They only view them as useful pawns who will be thrown overboard when they are no longer politically useful.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

The man is a Trojan Horse for Communism, just like Obama was the same for Socialism.