Warren’s offering a kind of reparations for black, Latina, Native American, Asian Women


Pandering paleface Elizabeth Warren is going to boost wages for women of color. She wants to alleviate the economic hardships of black, Latina, Native American and Asian women at the expense of all whites and men.

In other words, it’s a kind of reparations for everyone who does not have white skin. She will do it by fiat, executive action. In other words, like a dictator.

“It’s time for the government to try to right those wrongs — and boost our economy in the process,” Warren wrote.

How will her new commie government do that, you might ask. The answer is, it won’t.

Her oppressive plan will have broad “historic” new requirements of federal contractors, increased diversity initiatives within the senior ranks of the federal government and targeted enforcement against that “systemic discrimination.”

What kind of enforcement? Prison, fines???

“Companies with federal contracts employ roughly a quarter of the US workforce. By imposing new rules on companies that hope to receive federal contracts, we can take a big step towards creating equal opportunities for Black, Latina, Native American, Asian and other women of color,” the plan says.

The plan also would address what the candidate calls “dismal” efforts on diversity and inclusion within the federal government.

“If we’re going to demand more of the private sector, we should demand more of the federal government too,” Warren writes.

“It’s time to build an America that recognizes the role that women of color play in their families and in the economy,” Warren writes, “that fairly values their work, and that delivers equal opportunity for everyone.”

The control freak will social engineer all workplaces that have contracts with the government. Merit won’t matter, but skin color will.

New regulations will only hurt, but this is what communism/socialism looks like.



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