Psychoanalyst: ‘Whiteness’ is ‘malignant, parasitic, incurable’ and terroristic


Another crazy, racist psychoanalyst claims in a research article in a medical journal describes Whiteness as a “malignant, parasitic-like condition.”  He’s white but obviously racist against whites.

He wrote in the Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association that whiteness is “a malignant, parasitic-like condition.”

In the article, the hate-mongering Moss wrote that “‘white’ people have a particular susceptibility” to the “parasitic” condition, which he claims “renders its hosts’ appetites voracious, insatiable, and perverse.” He explained he believed whiteness establishes “entitled dominion” that enables the “host” to have “power without limit, force without restriction, violence without mercy,” and increases one’s drive to “terrorize.”

How does he explain half of the homicides in the country committed by non-whites or the 65% of non-white prison inmates?

Moss also wrote that he felt whiteness “easily infiltrates even groups founded on the protection of individuals, on democratic principles.”

“Effective treatment consists of a combination of psychic and social-historical interventions. Such interventions can reasonably aim only to reshape Whiteness’s infiltrated appetites—to reduce their intensity, redistribute their aims, and occasionally turn those aims toward the work of reparation,” Moss wrote in an abstract summary for the Journal. “When remembered and represented, the ravages wreaked by the chronic condition can function either as warning (‘never again’) or as temptation (‘great again’).”

Even with treatment, Moss wrote, there “is no guarantee against regression” and “[t]here is not yet a permanent cure.”

There is no cure for skin color which does not determine a person’s character? The man is sick.

He should marry psychiatrist Aruna Khilanani. They’d be a perfect couple. She hates white people too and fantasizes about unloading a gun in a white person’s head.

Aruna Khiliani

He drove up the hate on Twitter from both sides. His colleagues in the profession wondered how his drivel got published.



  1. I have a tendency to fart in their general direction and the ducky lips thing is awful.
    Get some grant surfing edu gov Uncle Sucker money while you still can, I guess.
    I’m having some whiteness whipped cream (keto) with my coffee.
    Get the fat free version or it just melts right off.

  2. This psycho suffers from advanced mental disease and is a danger to anyone he is in contact with and especially patients seeking help for psychological illnesses. His counseling could easily lead to further mental problems, violence and suicide. Th edtors oft he aforementioned journals are not only a disgrace to thei rprifession but also aiding and abetting the abuse of patients and must also be thrown out of the profession.

    Can you imagine a patient being told that his white skin was a pathological, incurable disease? Or, a black person being told that ALL white people are determined to destory him and his family? This is abuse and malpractice.

  3. Moss is a sick misanthrope looking for attention and money. The Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association sees the declaration of whites as sick to be a big profit opportunity. That industry of leftist quacks will get some white customers badly in need of expensive ineffective treatment.

  4. So, some people have an incurable disease and they are bad because of that? But LGBTQ etc., is just dandy! Someone has some contradictions in their thinking.

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