Was The White House Cocaine Deliberately Put in a Cubby?


Dan Bongino appeared on Eric Bolling’s Newsmax show, and Bolling asked him about the cocaine in the White House. You might have thought you’ve heard all you want to hear about it. There’s more. Dan Bongino has heard from someone that the cocaine was deliberately left in the cubby.

If so, I’d love to hear readers’ views on why someone would do that. It could be Hunter or someone tied to the Biden family who did it. Then again, what if someone found it in the White House and moved it?

BONGINO: “I’m going to say one more thing because let’s just say some people called me; I addressed this on my show today, but I wanna put it on Newsmax as you guys got a, you know, a nice following here, let’s just say a friend called me up and said ‘don’t preclude the possibility that the cocaine found in the White House there was not accidentally left behind.’

“In other words, it was left there deliberately for someone to find, and let’s just say someone else may have found it. So that’s the story I kind of heard from someone who may know a little something about something. We’ll see what happens, but they know who it is. They have to know. Secret Service is the top law enforcement agency in the land.”

Bongino later explains why he buys into that story.

“Let’s just say the guy, oh, he goes like this, he manages before he puts it in the cubby, to magically wipe it up. Now he puts it in the cubby. How does he close the cubby? It’s a hinged door. What does he do with his tongue like this? How does he not leave a fingerprint?

“And then, let’s just say you wiped the bag off. You did one of these, and you managed to close the cubby with like your elbow or something, and no one’s gonna think this is suspicious at all. You turn the key with what? How do you turn the key with your elbows? How do you do that? It’s a little tiny key.

“Well, a sensible person would turn it like this — you know, with their fingers, and leave a fingerprint. You’re telling me, on the bag, on the cubby door, and on the key, that magically, not a single fingerprint was left behind? I mean, really, you know, don’t pee on my leg man… .”

There’s so many other reasons that prove Secret Service knows whose cocaine it is. That’s a given.

BOLLING: “You’ve spent time in the White House…those cubbies are right by the entrance to the White House, right by the reception desk. Go to the left, there’s cubbies there… and there’s cameras everywhere, and there’s a guard at the front door…

BONGINO: “…there is zero way you wouldn’t put something in that cubby in some surreptitious manner without five or six people looking, going, ‘dude what are you doing’.”



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