Watch antifa dance with joy to the murder of Blue Lives Matter supporter (video of the killing)


A Trump supporter (Aaron Danielson) who participated in the Portland caravan rally was shot and killed in downtown Portland. If the video below is accurate, he was murdered in cold blood. The victim was wearing a Patriot Prayer hat.  The left says the Patriot Prayer is far-right but reporter Andy Ngo says they are conservatives.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter revolutionaries physically blocked the ralliers on the road and threw projectiles. After the man’s death was known, the communist-anarchist mob celebrated and danced.

“Portland Police officers heard sounds of gunfire from the area of Southeast 3rd Avenue and Southwest Alder Street. They responded and located a victim with a gunshot wound to the chest. Medical responded and determined that the victim was deceased,” the Portland Police Bureau said in a statement.

The AP didn’t report eye witness accounts or report on video from the scene.


Some claim the man was murdered in cold blood, but we can’t confirm this. It looks that way from the video:

When they found out that the deceased man supported blue live matter, they danced and cheered. The shooting victim had a side bag with a “blue lives matter” style flag.

The shooter is believed to be a white male.


They did celebrate the death of a Patriot Prayer person, calling him a Nazi without knowing a thing about him. Patriot Prayer is a Christian prayer group that takes on the lunatics in Portland.

Nazis don’t support the blue, by the way.

Watch the celebrations:

Corrupt AP

An Associated Press freelance reporter said the murdered man was wearing a hat bearing the insignia of Patriot Prayer. The Prayer group is a counter-protesting group of conservatives that are usually attacked by antifa. They fight back. That’s just to be clear since the AP wasn’t.

The AP made no effort to investigate or mention the murdered man’s Blue Lives Matter insignia.

They also promoted antifa while demonizing the conservative rally.

The corrupt AP wrote about the RNC convention in this article: “Trump and other speakers at this week’s convention evoked a violent, dystopian future if Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden wins in November and pointed to Portland as a cautionary tale for what would be in store for Americans.”

In fact, the RNC convention was days of ordinary people telling their extraordinary stories. Trump is for the working man, the common man. Democrats are the party of billionaires, criminals, illegal aliens, misfits, antifa, Black Lives Matter Marxists, and communists. The Democrats’ DNC convention was a zoom call of angry leftists berating President Trump.

President Trump tweeted this morning:

Here are antifa Dems calling a man protecting a Petrol station — a “f-__ing Nazi:

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