Watch as officer and suspect shoot it out with one fatality


Crime is on the rise everywhere. We have open borders with criminals pouring in and soft on crime Democrats.

Watch this fatal shooting in Nashville in broad daylight at 9:30 in the morning. An officer stopped a woman because the owner of the vehicle is wanted. The owner was not in the car. Only a woman named Nika Holbert, 31, was in the car.

Veteran Officer Josh Baker explained why she was stopped and began searching her purse. He found a powdery substance in a bag.

The officer tried to arrest her and she refused, getting back into the driver’s seat.

Baker deployed his taser and she pulled her gun.

He yells, “Ma’am! Put the gun down!” before grabbing his service weapon.

The two then exchange fire, and Baker drops to the ground, calls dispatch advising them he was hit.

Holbert took off and soon crashed her car. Both were taken to the hospital where she died and Officer Holbert is in stable condition having been shot in the torso.

On releasing the video, Chief Drake said, “I want to show that we’re an accountable police department and we want to get the accurate information out there as quickly as possible, whether it’s a shooting that’s deemed good or one that has a lot of concerns.”

He added later, “This is a dangerous job and it’s a dangerous time not only here in Nashville but around the country. Violent crime is on the rise everywhere.”

Those tasers sure seem worthless.


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2 years ago

Why do certain groups of people in America think that they are above the law? While a large percentage are Black, they are not the only ones. When I look around color has nothing to do with it, but Political Party seems to be a big common denominator.

A Stinger In The Tail
A Stinger In The Tail
2 years ago

She needs a Biden please let me go shirt? Better get on it Dark Lord Soros.
The criminal underclass knows who their Sugar Daddy Pimp is and that is the CPUSA dems.

@ Tempus,

No proper PT time? Eating too much synthetic lab created Frankenfood?
A lack of discipline?
Standards reduced down in the spirit of the equality of results for all unity?

tempus fugit
tempus fugit
2 years ago

The Officer did everything right. The women did everything wrong. That said, why are so many Police Officers so overweight these days? I ask because I am a retired Police Officer and my generation was not so obese. Simple things like getting in and out of the unit quickly, chasing someone and being able to move quickly. As for any reader who might not like my opinion… I don’t care.

2 years ago
Reply to  tempus fugit

The number one cause is refined sugar intake. Take out the sugar, not just in coffee, etc., but it’s in sodas, breads, all kinds of prepared foods. Donuts are evil. I’ve lost plenty of weight eliminating those things, plus some execise and I used to exercise like crazy. But not until I started cutting out sugared food, did I begin to lose..

Joe Fuccup Biden
Joe Fuccup Biden
2 years ago
Reply to  Edwardo

Priot generations didn’t have access to sugar.