You won’t believe who determined our social distancing guidelines


Do you know who determined that a six feet social distance guideline was appropriate? Tucker Carlson shared the information last night.

It was a man who has been dead for 100 years.

Tucker began his monologue last night saying, “It’s not good for man to be alone.” That’s one of the very first observations in the book that forms the basis of Western civilization, and we’ve lived accordingly. Apart from the death penalty, the harshest things we do to criminals in this country include separating them from other people. Prisoners have chosen lethal injection over solitary confinement. That’s how badly human beings need to be close to one another.

“So when they told us to stay far apart from each other last spring in the name of public health, it was an enormous sacrifice, whether or not we understood it at the time. Because this was a trusting and law-abiding country, we obeyed that order. We barely grumbled about it. We assumed they knew best. ‘Stay six feet from each other.’ That was social distancing. It was the law and most of us followed that law.”

Watch this short clip to hear the rest:

Watch the full clip, it’s good:

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2 years ago

There is absolutely no science involved with the Corona Virus Hoax. It’s all about creating a crisis to get tyrannical control over the population. We now have care that has reduced the SARS-Cov-2 virus to the lethality of the common flu. We are now seeing the insanity of “rushing” to mass vaccination. Mass vaccination is always dangerous, unless there is no other alternative. You always run the risk of creating a super-virus or super-bacteria in the case of our over use of antibiotics. Whenever a population can develop natural immunity, that should be the preferred route, assuming the ability to fully recover. The problem is big vaccination programs are good for the Medical Industrial Complex without any regard as to whats good for people or even humanity. The human race has survived by developing natural immunity. We have no idea what the drawbacks of mass vaccination will do to humanity in the future. Some fear that it will in time reduce humanity’s natural immunity capability. Logically this should be a real worry.

Since SARS-Cov-2 is now no worse than a normal bad flu outbreak, we should immediately treat it as such and stop the unfounded hysteria. The poverty cause by this Hoax will be long term and over the 20 or 30 years result in premature deaths of millions. We have a generation of children who have lost a whole school year. It will be decades be before we will know the full extent of the damage that has caused. This is why Government should not have the power to “quarantine” in mass. Individuals should make those kinds of decisions. The only segment of society at great risk from Covid was the elderly and they are in the best position to quarantine if they desired. Forcing healthy people in low density communities to quarantine was just plain stupid. The damage to the economy and American Society is now far greater than the threat from Covid ever was. At the Root of this is too much Government Power in too few hands. Presidents, Governors, and Mayors should not have this kind of power. Power like this must reside in Legislatures where wider viewpoints reside. If that was the case the only lock downs would have been in large cities with high densities where the spread would have little chance of being controlled. The other 90% of America could have continued life as usual. In many rural communities, this is exactly what happened. These communities used common sense social distancing as the needs of the community dictated. Most of these areas had very low death rates and their economies and social structures remained intact.

2 years ago

Maybe Tucker, or his team, should have done just a little more research. The policy of the CDC began under the Bush administration, in 2006. It was another case of using statistical models. It was all promulgated by a high school student. The question is; Who dusted off this policy and applied it to the nation as a whole.

There were serious disagreements with enacting such policies. The application of such can also be applied to influenza also, according to that CDC report.

The [Bush] administration ultimately sided with the proponents of social distancing and shutdowns — though their victory was little noticed outside of public health circles. Their policy would become the basis for government planning and would be used extensively in simulations used to prepare for pandemics, and in a limited way in 2009 during an outbreak of the influenza called H1N1. Then the coronavirus came, and the plan was put to work across the country for the first time.

It had been reported on in May of 2020. So, we have a disastrous policy that has wrecked the country from one end to another all because of a high school student and a computer model. Really Scientific isn’t it.

And now the rush to vaccines may do more harm than previously realized. Even though the covid-19 vaccine works, he says, it also causes vaccinated people to breed “super strains” of dangerous, mutant viruses which are immune to all the available vaccines. These super strains are then spread by those carriers, unleashing a second wave that threatens the entire human race, including young people who escaped the first wave. Unless the world halts mass vaccinations right now, this deadly second wave is likely to be unleashed, with absolutely devastating consequences caused by the vaccines themselves.”

A Stinger In The Tail
A Stinger In The Tail
2 years ago

Comrade kommissar Fraudci (CCP) has reduced it down to three feet in the spirit of the unity.
You must wear a box of masks (hecho en China) in order to be safe, jawohl vee vill keep you safe!
I heard from Dr. Savage that a young skull full of mush (h/t-El Rushbo) student came up with it in order to impress her white male capitalist pig patriarchy father?

Mutant Ryeff
Mutant Ryeff
2 years ago

I practice anti-social distancing as I don’t want to be around liberals anyhow.