Watch Biden operative outrageously rant and block Ted Cruz from filming squalor


Senator Ted Cruz was at the southern border with 17 other Republicans in Congress when a Biden operative started ranting about how he has “to respect the people.” He was trying to film the squalor.

The people she is talking about are people who are coming illegally and then placed by this administration in unhealthy, inhumane conditions thanks to Joe Biden. Her idea of “respect” is to ban him from taking photos [that expose the ‘transparent’ administration as liars]. After a stay in these anti-COV conditions, the people are allowed to just travel wherever they want to go, without court dates. The U.S. taxpayer gets to fly them hither and yon. This is the epitome of taxation without representation and a super spreader event.

She wouldn’t answer a question in view of children who were wrapped in foil in close proximity to each other. Senator Cruz called it a “dangerous place.”

Who, on God’s earth, does this woman think she is? She is bullying a sitting senator in this clip, constantly repeating the same canned phrases, and getting in front of his camera.

It shows how far Biden and his handlers will go to keep people ignorant as they flood the border with new Democrats.


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