Watch Biden’s ‘just an idea,’ firebomb in Rochester & Portland


Antifa is Joe Biden’s “just an idea,” a conspiracy theory, it’s not real. Yet, they are firebombing and promoting communism throughout the nation, along with Black Lives Matter.

One of those is a member of organized Antifa, Ryan Howe, 27, who likes to write violent posts and teach comrades how to make little bombs. He’s a flourishing idea.


Ryan Howe, who is trans and goes by “Rylea Autumn,” is federally charged with inciting a riot in Rochester, N.Y. The affidavit details Howe’s ties to organized militant Antifa and accuses them of posting instructions to make a firebomb to throw at police, Andy Ngo reports.

Howe was teaching comrades to make firebombs. He was charged with using a facility of interstate and foreign commerce to incite, promote, and encourage a riot. Howe—who uses the pronouns “they/them” and “she/her”—is also known as “Rylea Autumn,” Ngo reported.

Howe’s Facebook bio line reads: “Genderqueer, Anti-Fascist, Anti-Racist, Anarcho-communist.” Additionally, Howe’s Twitter account is filled with posts identifying with antifa and expressing support for communism. Howe’s active in destroying Rochester and promoting destruction around the country.

Ngo and Mia Cathell report at the Post Millennial that on Sept. 23, Howe wrote on Facebook, “Burn this sh— to the f—ng ground,” after three officers were not charged in the death of Breonna Taylor in Kentucky.

The real irony as you read about antifa is that Biden says it’s an idea and the media ignores it, but Trump disavows white supremacists over and over, and the media claims he didn’t.

Remember when we knew people like this are crazy?



In Portland, antifa/BLM rioters blocked an officer on a motorcycle who had stopped a car to keep him from giving chase as the car fled. As the officer tried to pursue, the revolutionaries jumped in front of him. One person was knocked over, screaming like a banshee.

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