Watch CNN’s Stelter get roasted by the C-Span audience


Maybe he has some Vodka in that. And why does he have a New Yorker cover with a picture of a little black girl framed on a shelf behind him? Is he pandering?

CNN’s unreliable sources guy, Brian Stelter, was roasted mercilessly on C-Span by call-in voters. He didn’t have his usual naive and teeny audience who worships him.

One wanted him to admit he and CNN are the “biggest liars about Donald Trump.”

Another called Stelter the “biggest minister of misinformation.”  He then pointed to something he said a few minutes before about Stelter’s “stories are always evolving. Yeah, his stories always, absolutely evolve.”

Stelter said, “Thank you for the feedback. I appreciate it.” 😂😂😂😂

One wanted to know if he still thought Michael Avenatti “is the greatest thing in the world” and should “run for president.” His suggestion is “whatever CNN says, do the opposite and you’ll be fine.”

Some called him a liar and a joke.

There is some justice in this world, not that any of this bothers him as he whores himself out for millions of dollars each year.

Some said it’s ‘schadenfreude,’ but for me, it’s God razing him.


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