Man charged with a felony for skid marks on road with Pride rainbow graffiti


A Pride rainbow had been painted in a crosswalk on the ROAD when a Florida truck driver skidded on it. He was charged with a felony for leaving skid marks. A FELONY! In fact, he faces multiple charges.

He was participating in a Trump birthday rally at the time. He faces multiple charges for doing a burnout on an #LGBTQ #Pride crosswalk in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, which includes prejudice enhancement, making it a felony. In other words, it’s a hate crime.

Why not just make him pay for repainting it? Overcharging is insanity and deprives Americans of their constitutional rights.

He’s 20 years old and they want to ruin his life by putting a felony on his record.

20-year-old Alexander Jerich, of Palm Beach County, is accused of defacing an LGBTQ-themed crosswalk in Delray Beach by doing an intentional “burnout.” He had a Trump flag flying so right there, he was going to be charged like the rioters on January 6th. Meanwhile, statues are still being torn down by the Left. They’re even digging up the bodies of Confederates. In New York, they are renaming parks after people who did little for the country but fit the criteria of not being white.

The pavement painting was dedicated to the 49 victims who were killed in the Pulse nightclub shootings five years ago. It’s unknown if the skidding man knew that.

He is charged with “defacing a memorial.” It’s a painting on a ROAD.

The perpetrator would be responsible for reimbursing the city of Delray Beach for the cost of repairing the damages in addition to the severe penalties for committing a felony. The former makes sense but the latter???

He’s in jail for skidding on a road painting. It’s in the ROAD!

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