WaPo basically declares anti-white racism as the new normal


When George Floyd died, people across the United States started to look more critically at how white supremacy affects all of us…understanding your whiteness and the ways that white supremacy benefits you is an important part of becoming self aware.

~ WaPo

The anti-racist-racist movement in the United States is growing — dangerously so. The Bezos Washington Post is cashing in and just posted propaganda explainer videos about how white people should feel ashamed for being white.

Whites who aren’t aware of their racism are out of touch. They are unaware of the core “white supremacy.” The only cure is to become part of “white accountability” groups.

This is all BS. Martin Luther King Jr. was right — one must judge others by their character, not something as unimportant as skin color.

One white leftist in the clip below laughed and “said white people don’t even really understand racism.” She is what you call a hard-Left, condescending, arrogant fool.

These people and the video are racist spouting meaningless drivel they claim is the new normal. These people are sick, and we must start speaking up. To be non-racist doesn’t mean you become racist against another group. That’s insane. It’s also suicidal.


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