Watch Giorgia Meloni’s Banned Video


YouTube, a company that is anti-free speech, removed the viral video of Italy’s incoming Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. It somehow violates their very elusive “Terms of Service.”

The speech which we posted below is pro-family, pro-Christian, and pro-country. It instills a visceral fear in the political class.

Meloni’s center-right coalition won the recent elections. Most Americans didn’t know anything about her. That makes demonizing her particularly fertile ground for the lying media and their allies. They don’t let anyone survive if they are slightly to the right on anything.

The media immediately labeled her a “fascist,” a new Mussolini, and her party rooted in “Mussolini fascism.” The only true thing is she is not on the Left.

The Democrat Party’s roots are in slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, and an occasional dalliance with Soviet ideology.

The clip the media doesn’t want you to see or hear:

People who know her, even a rival, dispute the false portrayal.

Dr. Robert Malone spoke with his colleagues in Italy, specifically about a few criticisms that have popped up.

One criticism is that she is a member of the Aspen Institute, which in turn has ties to the WEF. Dr. Malone has not seen that refuted or examined in any substantial way.

The other is that she supported the “Green Pass” program.


Regarding the “Green Pass” issue, this video clip demonstrates that this was a position taken by Meloni and the Brothers of Italy party.

Translation as follows:

“… for example, the digital Green Pass- we were the first to support it and we hope it gets adopted as soon as possible in total reciprocity with all European states. This is a priority and it is fundamental to restart, mostly, tourism. I want to salute all medical professionals. As you know ‘Fratelli D’Italia’ (her party) was in favor of the Penal Shield for doctors and anyone administering the vaccine.”

(This was the law that removed liability from anyone who gave the covid shot)

Dr. Malone investigated this issue by contacting medical colleagues in Italy who said Meloni was never a strong supporter of the Green Pass program. She deleted any social media posts previously made in support of the Green Pass. Meloni ran on a platform that included stopping the Green Pass and any further vaccine mandates.

“most restrictions will be dropped on the 30th, rumor has it there will be a 4th, 5th and 6th dose, but the new executive hasn’t yet settled in so we’re not sure yet. On the other hand, we have the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (equivalent of the FDA) that publishes weekly Covid infection, illness and death reports, separating the numbers by unvaxxed and vaxxed. On average, for every unvaxxed infection there are 7 vaxxed infected people. Likewise with ICU’s. And a one-to-four ratio with Covid deaths. Of course, no one’s noticing this data.”

The Younger Women Are Thrilled

“I also heard significant enthusiasm for Meloni from younger women I interviewed, who are excited by the prospect of having a woman as a Prime Minister and hope that this will lead to greater awareness of gender disparity in pay (which remains a significant problem in Italy). Among these there was also the opinion that the commitment by Meloni and the Brothers of Italy to halt vaccine mandates and Green Pass played a significant role in her success during this election cycle,” Dr. Malone said.

Her Positions on Abortion

“Then there is the issue of abortion. In the US corporate press, there have been comments to the effect that Meloni is anti-abortion. In speaking with Italian colleagues, my understanding is that she opposes late-term abortion, but the principal position is that she says she wants to give mothers who want to abort other options like government aid for those women wanting to abort because they’re too poor to afford a child.”


Dr. Malone was also told that the operational latitude of the Italian government is completely constrained by both the US Government/Washington (including a significant role of the US Intelligence community) and the EU government/Brussels. Apparently, Italy has no real independence and is functionally a vassal state of both Washington and Brussels.

“None of these positions support the accusation that Meloni is an extreme right-wing “Fascist,” which seems to be the trope being advanced globally by corporate media.”

“Further discussion on the limitations constraining Meloni and the Brothers of Italy or any other future “technocratic” government which might come to replace the one about to be formed can be found here in an UnHerd article titled “Giorgia Meloni is no radical- Italian voters know she won’t change anything.” Almost all Italians that I have spoken to today concur with this assessment.”



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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

The term far right is not descriptive, it is a smear. The criticisms of Meloni are filled with adjectives and nothing else. Adjectives are a main tool of propaganda. Opponents of the NWO are always demonized. She is a potent opponent, a great speaker. Men have fallen behind the women in fighting the NWO.

These people are distortionists. Hitler and Mussolini were on the left. Nazism came from the socialist brown shirts. Benito was a communist. Dinesh explains this in detail. He uses historical references instead of adjectives. The NWO totalitarians call any historical leftist dictator opponent of the NWO an extreme right radical. Any leftist supporting the global government crooks is a hero to the NWO culture (Newsom, Trudeau, Biden, Ardern, …) though they clearly exhibit the same repressive tactics which they attribute to what they call “far right”.