Watch Hero Mom Beat Up Car Thief! “He’s Lucky I Didn’t Kill Him”


The 49-year-old mom, Tihisha Jones, thought her day would be like any other day as she got her two children ready for school and started her car up from her apartment with her fob. She’s my new hero!

As she approached her car, her son said there was a strange man in the car. That’s when the fearless mom sprung into action.

Mrs. Jones grabbed that sucker out of the car and gave him a well-deserved whooping. He cringed on the ground with his hands protecting his head as she gave him a few extra smacks and held him for the police.

The video below uses the “f” and “n” words. It’s pretty funny though and, under the circumstances, the narrator’s blunt honesty is much appreciated.


The narrator who took the video said, “Dude tries to steal her car. She pulled that n*gga” out of the car and beat his ass. That’s what I’m talking about, get that n*gga.”

“That’s what I’m talking about… get that sh*t,” said the bystander who recorded the incident.

She added, “He ain’t going nowhere… she got her kids with her…come on, look at the sh*t. Welcome to the f***ing Bronx!”

Suspect, 19-year-old Bernado Santiago, went off to jail.

Heroine Jones told News 4 New York: “He’s lucky I didn’t kill him… that’s the thing, he’s lucky.”

Her adrenaline went on overdrive, and she doesn’t remember much after that.

“I came to the side to get him out this way, but I couldn’t get him out this way — he pulled the door to close it on me,” Jones said. “I jumped across the car, open this door and I pull him out, and then after that, I couldn’t tell you what happened. I just had to do what I had to do.”


If you don’t like the cursing, you can turn the sound off and watch.

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