Watch passengers explode as family’s kicked off JetBlue over toddler without a mask


A couple and their children flying on Jet Blue with their two-year-old child couldn’t get the child to keep her face mask on. The airline’s policy, up until Wednesday, was to allow small children to fly without it.

The flight attendant kicked the family off the plane because the child had the face mask off.

There is a video of the heated confrontation with the attendant who told the mother of six to deplane due to the two-year-old not wearing a mask. He could be heard crying in the background of the video.

“You realize she’s two,” a woman told the stewardess.

“I do. And also, it’s not something that we can excuse,” she answered.

“Should I tie her hands? What should I do? Should I hold her hands?” a woman, seemingly the mother, asked as the stewardess told her she had to deplane.

The mother explained that she has six children and paid for the seats, but the stewardess insisted on the family deplaning. Others on the plane jumped into the conversation to defend the family.

At one point, the woman said that she would put a mask on the child, but the flight attendant said it was “already too late,” causing even more tension.

It’s too late?

Yeshiva World News (YWN) reported that the plane’s captain “ordered the entire flight to deplane and exit” as frustrated customers continued to defend the family.

The father plans to sue the airlines.

The new Jet Blue policy, as of Wednesday afternoon, requires a mask for children two years and older for the entire flight. It goes against CDC policy.

More videos at Yeshiva World.



  1. I’m not certain but I’ve read that masks on very young children for long periods can be dangerous for their health.

    But, then again, do masks Really Work. Here’s a stunning test.

  2. Kicking a mother and her 6 children off the plane was inexcusable! How is she going to find a flight with seven seats together that departs within a reasonable length of time? Shameful!

    The mother should have boarded the plane wearing a BLM T-shirt. Then she wouldn’t have had a problem.

    • Or she could have worn a burka and said under Sharia it was improper for children to have their faces covered, that privilege was reserved only for adults. Is that a lie? I don’t know but it is OK to lie to the infidels.

  3. Masks, when used intelligently have a lot of value. Or maybe if you have an operation you won’t care if the operating team wears masks or conducts hygiene?

    • Masks in a surgical environment aren’t for micron particles. Furthermore, ear loop masks are totally worthless in preventing fluids particles of any size. As the doctor says, masks used in a surgical environment are nothing like what is sold on the market. They are sized for the person. So, in conclusion, you’re ignorant in the extreme.

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