Watch Steve Bannon React After His Court Appearance


Steve Bannon agreed to face the J6 Beria Committee, but the contempt charges are not dropped, and his trial for contempt of Congress in DC has begun. Watch his response to the court proceedings in the clip below.

At the same time, federal prosecutors in New York are also trying to find evidence that he is guilty of a federal crime over an alleged scheme to build a wall.

Raw Story (a silly leftist outlet) said in early June, “Prosecutors in New York are moving closer to slapping Trump ally Steve Bannon with criminal charges and have subpoenaed several members of his inner circle to testify before a grand jury, reports CNN.”

President Trump pardoned Bannon. However, that doesn’t stop New York prosecutors from attempting to enforce state law on a man who never lived in New York over a “scheme” to build a wall privately along the Mexican border.

If Steve Bannon torched St. John’s Church, looted Georgetown stores, beat-up elderly Asian-Americans, firebombed Catholic Churches & pro-life pregnancy centers, obstructed justice by terrorizing Supreme Court justices, or was on the Chinese payroll, he’d be a free man right now.

~ Mike Davis, IAP


As that effort proceeds, in stepped the J6 panel to look for a federal crime, Beria-style. They summoned Mr. Bannon to appear as they attempt to prosecute Donald Trump. When Bannon refused to appear in response to the subpoena, the panel referred him to the Justice Department for prosecution.

The committee subpoenaed Bannon in September 2021 for testimony and documents. It wants Bannon, 68, to share information about the planning for Jan. 6, 2021, including what top Trump allies discussed at a meeting he attended at the Willard InterContinental hotel in downtown Washington the evening before.

Bannon refused to cooperate with the witch hunt committee, claiming executive privilege. He did not appear on Oct. 14 for testimony or hand over documents by Oct. 18 in response to the panel’s subpoena. He was working with the White House unofficially at that time.

The House voted to hold him in contempt and referred him to the Justice Department for prosecution.

President Trump recently waived privilege, and Mr. Bannon agreed to testify to the J6 panel. Despite that, the charge in DC was not dropped. The judge informed Mr. Bannon that he could not rely on privilege or legal advice as a defense. The judge said he had no right to use executive privilege.

The jury is 95% Democrat, and the rest are RINOs. Watch his response:


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