Watch the Destruction of New York City in Real Time


The New York City police are finally arresting some of the violent migrants. There were two attacks in Times Square, where there are multiple migrant shelters.

Two of the suspects are members of one of Venezuela’s most violent gangs, Tren de Aragua. The gang has a strong and visible presence in New York, Chicago, LA, Miami, and elsewhere. Venezuela’s Communist President Maduro opened the prisons and sent the criminals to our border.

Thank a Democrat.

Look at how our NYPD vehicles are treated now.

Currently, there is a manhunt now for 16 other people who stabbed a teen in the back.

Cash says the majority are fleeing extreme poverty. We understand that, but we can’t take in the entire world.

At least one of the arrested foreigners was released immediately. People who had been arrested for shoplifting were rearrested.

Cash Jordan notes that the city has had sanctuary laws for a long time. [However, the city didn’t have these problems at the time.]

These gangs of foreigners are teaming up.

Cameras are everywhere, but they don’t do much since they don’t give clear photos. It also doesn’t matter because the criminals are released immediately.

There are mobs of foreign people here illegally, running around, doing whatever they want. They grab phones and belongings from tourists while zooming around on e-bikes.

Watch what has happened to New York City under Progressives:

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