Waukesha Suspect: “F*ing Pigs, F* Trump, Have an AK, Knock F*ing White People TF Out”


We published a more thorough account of what is going on with the Waukesha Christmas Parade massacre but thought the rap and social media of suspect Darrell Brooks Jr. deserved its own article.


While we don’t know the motive, it is worth mentioning that Waukesha is about 23 miles from Kenosha. Brooks made a negative comment about the Rittenhouse verdict on social media but a lot of his social media is being taken down. He used the name, MathBoi Fly.

He rapped about F*** Donald Trump F*** Pigs and said he has an AK 47 like Malcolm X:


More of his music about “n-s” on this link. He doesn’t f- with pigs. His Uzi weighs a ton.

As MathBoi Fly on Facebook, when a friend wrote on the post about the rittenhouse verdict, “Doesn’t surprise me, what a joke,” Brooks responded, “frfr…but u rite, I wasn’t surprised 1 bit 🤷🏽‍♂️.” The page is filled with religious sayings.

He posted a photo of fruit cut out to say, Black Lives Matter with a Black Power/Communist fist.

On the social pages, he refers to himself as a rapper and a stoner. He posts anti-police rhetoric.

Brooks clearly didn’t like Republicans. He retweeted Monical Lewinsky offering to give Trump a blow job if they would just impeach him and he portrayed Scott Walker as a Nazi. He commented on Derek Chauvin.

This charmer quoted Black Nationalist rhetoric.




  1. Nothing to see here. No terrorist attack. That’s the default position when the killers are non-white. Remember when Obama labeled the terrorist, mass murder at Ford Hood “workplace violence”? Took years for the families of those slaughtered or wounded to get that changed.

  2. AK’s are inaccurate spray and pray weapons for illiterate Mongolian recruits but they are tough and will take some serious abuse and keep on ticking.
    Just right for the Race WAR and a high YT kill count.
    Anyone still falling for that egalitarian we’re all comrades horsesh1t is too stupid to exist.
    When comrade Brooks (CPUSA) gets acquitted they will spike the ball for days.

  3. It’s pretty simple to find most of America’s Terrorist. First, they can’t speak King’s English if their life depended on it. They aren’t exactly poorly educated because many of these people have College Degrees, but can’t pass a 1900 8th grade final exam. In America, Degrees are bought, not earned so we no longer have an truly educated Nation. We have a Nation where a lot of people have a piece of paper!

    The Terrorist hate Conservatism and hard work. They truly believe the world owes them a comfortable life. They believe in Democrat Mob Rule, even when “Their Mob” is the Minority. They are Dangerous because a Modern Society is Complicated and they don’t have the Mental Capacity to maneuver in a Modern Society, so they resort to Tribal Group violence to get their way. Darrell Brooks Jr. is a career Criminal, but was out on Bail – What was a Judge thinking when one of his previous crimes was bail jumping? Why aren’t we hanging Career Criminals who are clearly dangerous to civilized society or at the very least sentencing them to life on a Chain Gang. People with serious, anti-social Mental disorders belong in Institutions; not on the Streets.

    Also note that the majority of these “American Terrorist” grew up and were “educated” by the public school system in Big Blue Cities! This guy may have killed 5 people, but in America today the Government thinks people who don’t get an experimental vaccine are the real danger to society. You have a guy like Darrell Brooks Jr. who was out on a $1000 bond with a career history of at least 3 felonies and people with no criminal record have no bond for trespassing at the Capitol on 6 January 2021. Government in America is no longer worthy of our trust!

  4. The my UZI weighs a ton is from an old Public Enemy song who were stoking the fires of Race WAR back in the late 1980’s and especially on the 1990 album Fear Of A Black Planet.
    Shh…don’t tell them that the UZI by IMI was made in Israel, it will make Calypso Louie upset.

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