Hasta la Vista to 2 RINOs Who Quit Fox to Protest Tucker — Update


Update: These two aren’t being completely honest. As it happens, they were canceled. Their contract is up next year and they weren’t going to be renewed. 

Two longtime Fox News contributors, who claim to be conservatives, have resigned from their lucrative positions partly over Tucker Carlson’s special, Patriot Purge. They cited that as an example on The [RINO] Dispatch.

If only they would take a few others with them, like Juan and Geraldo.

These two are very sanctimonious. Who do they think they are? They won’t be on the same network as Tucker? Jerks!

I know no one who watched the special so we can’t comment right now on the quality of the special itself, but they called it irresponsible.

They claim it’s “a collection of incoherent conspiracy-mongering, riddled with factual inaccuracies, half-truths, deceptive imagery, and damning omissions. And its message is clear: The U.S. government is targeting patriotic Americans in the same manner —and with the same tools—that it used to target al Qaeda.”


They said nothing about the myriad films and alleged documentaries, cut clips, put out by the far-Left.

How can they not think the government is using counterterrorism tools against patriotic Americans? What about the parents who rebel against CRT and America’s Mom whose home was raided?

What do they think the open borders are about and the corrupt voting laws or the socialist bill to make the US a socialist/communist welfare state?

They seem to be the irresponsible ones but that’s just conjecture.

Back to the Report

New York Times reporter Ben Smith noted that Jonah Goldberg and Stephen Hayes quit the network after the special appeared on Fox’s online subscription streaming service Fox Nation.

Hayes and Goldberg have appeared on Fox since 2009. Now they can go to CNN or MSNBC where they belong. They publish a RINO website, The Dispatch, and will post there for all you RINOs who love them.

The New York Times reports that Goldberg and Hayes texted each other after viewing the trailer for the special and discussed leaving Fox News.

The trailer for the special about the Jan. 6 riot at the US aired in October.

The evening it aired on October 27th, Goldberg, sent a text to his business partner, Stephen Hayes, which said, “I’m tempted just to quit Fox over this.”

Hayes replied, “I’m game. Totally outrageous. It will lead to violence. Not sure how we can stay.”

Goldberg told the Times in an interview: “Whether it’s Patriot Purge or anti-vax stuff, I don’t want it in my name, and I want to call it out and criticize it. I don’t want to feel like I am betraying a trust that I had by being a Fox News contributor. And I also don’t want to be accused of not really pulling the punches. And then this was just an untenable tension for me.”

Goldberg added: “There are lots of people there that I respect and like and consider friends, and they’re making a decision based upon how to provide for their families and deal with their careers and all of that. And I’m not going to second-guess them. And there are also lots of people over there who think the Fox opinion side today is awesome.”

We’re game too! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!


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