Wave of violent attacks on Jews in NYC and elsewhere! Thank Diversity


Jews are being attacked in Toronto, New York City, Los Angeles, D.C., Seattle, South Florida, and in Germany and the U.K. What I don’t hear are condemnations by our leaders. The silence is deafening. Do people understand at all what happened in the last century?

What I do hear is the mostly unchallenged support for Hamas, a terror organization still firing bombs into Israel.

Hardline Progressives hate Jews. Progressives now run the Democrat Party. One New Yorker told a pro-Palestine mob, “Stop telling me this is about Israel and Gaza. My people are being targeted across the United States in broad daylight. This is textbook anti-Semitism and we will continue to live in danger until the public starts to recognize it for what it is.”

Anti-Israel is anti-Semitism which is why we are seeing these attacks in so many places. A peaceful pro-Israel demonstration in New York City’s Times Squarre was invaded by agitators and a pro-Hamas-Palestine mob. It’s always this way. The Jews protest peacefully and the Hamas supporters find ways to infiltrate and attack the Jews.

One elderly man wearing a yarmulke was attacked earlier in the day as he tried to cross a street in Times Square. Another two Americans, Amir Skornik and Snir Dayan, were attacked by Palestinians as they tried to grab lunch in a bagel shop. Someone in the crowd heard them speak Hebrew and that went through the crowd. Soon they were being punched.

Two weeks ago, a Jewish man was beaten bloody. This is going on continuously. It’s much worse than Asian crimes.

The creep who was vandalizing synagogues was released without bond in de Blasio’s/Cuomo’s New York. There are hardly any repercussions.

Isn’t diversity grand?

To be clear, this isn’t just happening at rallies or only in New York. But it is New York City’s new normal under a communist Democrat mayor and a far-Left Democrat governor.

A firebomb was thrown at a man in Times Square.

In one case, a 29,year-old was viciously beaten by a Palestinian mob. He is in serious condition in Bellevue Hospital.


The Times Square, New York assaults are discussed here:


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Historic Pocket Lint Czar
Historic Pocket Lint Czar
2 years ago

Feel the unity of the glorious New Man utopia.
Forward! Yes we can.
We are all patriotic comrades happily laboring for the collective. (not really)