We are all Soviets now! J6 committee demands records from 15 social media platforms


As Democrats destroy the USA and Afghanistan, they are demanding all records related to the January 6th riot/parade from 15 social media companies. This is in addition to the records of ordinary Americans who disagree with them (see below).

The Select Committee investigating the Capitol riot sent letters dated Aug. 26 to social media platforms asking them to provide all documents, data, and other information related to the Capitol riot since April 2020.

The platforms are:

It’s a witch hunt, a cynical distraction from their efforts to make us Marxists, and who knows what other information they can gather about their enemies, which is half the country, not the dictators of the world.

This is another attack on free speech by the Marxist Democrats in power. It’s Russiagate/Ukrainegate aimed at every person on the Right.

While our soldiers died in Afghanistan, this is what Democrats are doing for America — wasting tax dollars on hurting Americans.

The committee requested documents concerning “misinformation, disinformation, and mal-information [as to be determined by these Marxists] relating to the 2020 election,” efforts to overturn the election, “domestic violent extremists,” and foreign influence. The committee also asked for internal documents and communications on how the social media companies’ algorithms may have contributed to the events at the Capitol.

The letters to the social media companies seek a range of records, including data, reports, analyses, and communications stretching back to the spring of 2020. The Select Committee is also seeking information on policy changes social media companies adopted—or failed to adopt—to address the spread of false information, violent extremism, and foreign malign influence, including decisions on banning material from platforms and contacts with law enforcement and other government entities.

It’s working exactly as Pelosi planned it.

Marxists pay off certain people to keep us all divided:

Additionally, they are demanding records of thirty members of former President Trump’s inner circle although the DoJ did not find evidence of an insurrection or any rioting tied to Donald Trump. It’s clearly a fishing expedition.

That is only part of sweeping records requests that include archives from the Trump White House as well as seven other Executive Branch agencies.

Laventriy Beria would be proud of the communist Democrats.

They are going after every right-leaning influencer:

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