We Are Happy Al-Zawahiri Is Dead, Whenever That Was


When Donald Trump authorized the killing of terrorist Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimeni, Democrats attacked then-president Trump mercilessly. Now that Biden authorized the killing of 9/11 terrorist Al-Zawahiri, we must rejoice.

We are grateful Al-Zawahiri is dead, and it’s better late than never. What we don’t understand is, are we sure he died this past week? He has been reported dead repeatedly over the years.

The speech Biden gave was his usual dementia-ridden and odd speech.

We thought Al-Zawahiri was dead years ago. We don’t have any eyewitnesses or DNA. We must accept the intelligence community’s word for it if we believe this.

Al Zawahiri has been reported as killed or dead at least a half dozen times in the last ten years, including by natural causes.

Oddly, he was in Kabul. Zawahiri avoided large public gatherings. There is no detailed information on how it went down, but we have Biden’s bizarre speech.

We don’t know when he died but think he’s dead and glad of it. We would like more details since we heard it all before.


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