We don’t negotiate with terrorists, fill the seat!


An RBG vigil turned political and vicious this past weekend as Democrat leaders, including Elizabeth Warren and Kirsten Gillibrand, threatened Republicans with a ’fight, fight, fight’ should they try to fill RBG’s seat. The fight is an attempt to keep Republicans from doing their jobs. It’s not to keep them from doing something untoward as they would have people believe.

On Sunday, Clinton operative George Stephanopoulos absurdly asked Speaker Pelosi if Democrats would impeach Bill Barr or Donald Trump in order to keep the RBG seat from being filled. Her response was that she has a lot of arrows in her quiver. This is despite the fact that it is perfectly normal and routine for Republicans to fill the seat. They hold the presidency and the Senate.

One of the arrows, undoubtedly, is the mob. They were out harassing Senator Lindsey Graham.


This is more proof that McConnell must move ahead and the GOP must back him. We don’t negotiate with terrorists, even Democrat terrorists.

No one with an ounce of honesty can say Democrats wouldn’t appoint a Justice under these circumstances. In fact, they’d say ‘elections have consequences.’

Democrats wanted Republicans to fill a seat with Merrick Garland in the last year of Obama’s presidency despite the informal rule not to do so. If they wanted Republicans to hold to the ’rule,’ they shouldn’t have violated it themselves.

Democrats now reject their positions of only a few years ago:

Biden now claims that he — senile Joe — should be the one who nominates. This is as they threaten the GOP with stacking the Court and ending the filibuster. Some Democrats say they will abolish the police, the Electoral College, and make PR and DC states. They have made these threats since before the seat became vacant. It is what they will attempt to do no matter what.

Senator McConnell has been consistent.

Senator McConnell said in 2016 that the party controlling the Senate different from the President has no reason to consider a pick. And, contrary to the hysteria from the left and their media, the Senate is never under any obligation to act on a presidential nomination. It is a separate branch of government. Nonetheless, Biden and Obama insisted as much in 2016.

Democrats are moving the goalposts just as Kaepernick did when he took a knee to protest the USA. When the backlash grew too strong, he then claimed it was to protest police brutality.

Every threat the Democrats are making now are threats they made during the Democrat debates and since. So, GOP, go for it. If you don’t, the Republican Party is dead. Most GOP voters are done with placating those who will cheat, lie, and terrorize.



  1. Let’s get something straight. Ruth Ginsberg died. The seat being filled is not her seat, it does not nor ever did belong to her nor does any other position on the Supreme Court or elected office belong to the person occupying it. They hold those positions at the will of the people. Politicians can lose elections or be removed from office by legal means. Appointed judges can be removed through impeachment and while it would be unprecedented, I believe if enough people demanded it even a Supreme Court Justice could be removed. This reminds me of when the murderer Ted Kennedy died and the talk was a Kennedy must be elected to fill the position because that was a Kennedy seat in the Senate as if those crooks owned it.

  2. I favor a new judge being approved next month, and no nonsense like with Kavanaugh.

    Back in 2016, when Mitch blocked considering Garland, why did he not have a vote on Garland, unless he was fearful of the liberal senate he created. Mitch’s RINO caucus is not reliable, that’s why when he has big issues like a supreme court justice or impeachment, His poor leadership shows.

    He is in this election season still fighting against conservative candidates for senator. He cannot have it both ways. He is either for conservatives on the cour or not.

    • When I say Mitch’s poor leadership, I mean that he created a caucus that could not acquit Trump (a framed president) without holding an inquisition. And, approving Kavanaugh required a major witch hunt in which he continually made concessions. This is because he played a ke role in supporting liberal republicans over conservatives in the senate.

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