We keep hearing about Biden Super Star but Trump beat all of them


The Primary results in California are very interesting when the President is compared with Democrats. That is especially true of California. President Trump received 400,000 more votes than Bernie, the winner of the Democrat primary.

There are a lot of variables such as Trump’s rivals were a joke, but on the other hand, why even come out to vote when the President will clearly be the candidate. Yet, they did come out.

You should also know that Biden has 566 delegates and Sanders has 501. There is no great victory here for the ‘comeback kid’ who happens to be senile.

Results via Google:

In Alabama, Biden won with 286,000+ votes and Trump won with 695,000+.

Arkansas, Biden with 95,000+ and Trump with 237,000+.

Colorado, Bernie with 282,000+, and Trump with 599,000+.

Maine, Biden with 68,000+ and Trump with 22 delegates.

As expected, Massachusetts for Biden with 470,000+ and Trump with 236,000+.

Minnesota for Biden with 287,000+ votes, and Trump with 39 delegates.

North Carolina for Biden with 568,000+ and Trump with 747,000+.

Oklahoma for 117,000+ and Trump with 273,000+.

Tennessee for Biden with 215,000+ and Trump with 380,000+.

Texas for Biden with 716,000+ and Trump with 1,887,648+. So much for Texas turning blue. They probably won’t.




  1. The choice is Trump or Venezuela. The FSA gravy trainers and SJW checkbox heroes had their time under sobama. That time has passed.

    Off Topics-March has come in beautifully with several 60 degree days and two hawks have set up in a large tree nearby. I’ll tote my digicam and try to get a pic of these magnificent creatures.

  2. Thinking about the fact that President Donald J. Trump really had no competition in the primary, yet the folks came out and cast their votes for him. Impressive numbers.
    The Nov. results may reflect the same type of energy to get Trump a second term. I’m not taking anything for granted. Telling everyone to get out and vote for America and We the People.

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