We Keep J6 Prisoners in Inhumane Conditions In the New USA


Ryan Samsel has issues and was one of the violent protesters on January 6, 2021. He was kept in solitary for five or six months in Third World conditions. The information comes via The Gateway Pundit.

He was kept in a cell the size of a closet for five months with a bucket to use as a toilet. A light was kept on 24/7, and he had a thin blue mattress with no sheets or blankets. He has been locked up without trial since January 2021, and the judge couldn’t get in touch with him because they moved him 17 times. He was cited for not showing up in court.

Read the entire story at the Gateway Pundit. Jim Hoft, the Pundit, said it is a “national disgrace,” and it is. We aren’t a Third World country [or are we?], and we shouldn’t be putting prisoners in inhumane conditions.

This is not the United States I grew up in.

Judging from his history, Mr. Samsel appears to have mental problems that are not addressed.

Ryan Samsel

Ryan Samsel is the man Ray Epps whispered to in a viral video taken just before the first barrier came down, and the riot began. [This was a riot, not an insurrection.]

According to Ryan Samsel, “I walked up to the gate on my own decision. I did not feel any pressure from Joe Biggs nor any of the Proud Boys. And that was the gate that everybody sees in the video where you’re standing around, and Ray Epps is there next to me, correct? That’s also so when I go up to that fence; I pull the fence towards me. That’s when Ray Epps says in my ear; he says I got people who are waiting til more people come. Something along those lines.” Ryan said Ray Epps then told him, “We got to go into the building. So I pulled the bike rack…”

Ryan Samsel says he is willing to take a polygraph test to prove his innocence and that he did not rat on fellow J6ers, the Pundit says.

Ray Epps was up to no good, and others were involved in protecting him. Instead of telling Samsel to calm down, he spurred him on – if what Samsel says is true. It’s very believable given Epps’ behavior on the 5th and 6th.

Go to 1:03:

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