Biden References His Brain Issues But It’s Nothing MSM Cares About


We have posted Joe Biden’s medical history which strongly suggests brain damage but a lot of it was old news. This is much newer and it comes from figurehead Joe himself. He doesn’t really know the time or where he is any longer so he might have this wrong but he is obviously very impaired. The Democrats and RINOs don’t see to see the need for the 25th Amendment.

Sure the GOP thinks Kamala is worse but we can’t have a puppet in office. We need our president to be accountable. Who is running the government? The Marxists running around the Oval Office, Obama, Soros? Who? All of them?

We have more information on Biden’s medical issues after the clip.



Barack Obama’s former physician of twenty-two years didn’t think Joe Biden was in good health in 2019. Specifically, he said, “he is not a healthy guy,” after reading his medical report, The Washington Examiner reported.

Dr. David Scheiner commented on Biden’s medical report, stating he looks “frail” and as if he could soon have a stroke based on his medical record.

The physician said that although Biden is “not in bad shape for his age,” he isn’t in “outstanding health. Could I guarantee he won’t have issues for the next four years? He has a lot of issues that are just sort of sitting there.”

“The details from the letter made Scheiner, 81, concerned about Biden’s potential for strokes, and he said he would want to see results from an MRI or CT scan,” the Washington Examiner reported. “Because Biden also used to have sleep apnea before getting surgery on his sinus and nasal passages, Scheiner said he would also like to review the results of a sleep study.”

Biden’s doctor Kevin O’Connor in 2019 said he is being treated for four ailments, has quite an extensive medical history, but is “fit to successfully execute the duties of the Presidency.”

He didn’t check his brain.

The doctor said he has A-fib and takes two prescription medications, has reflux, high cholesterol, seasonal allergies, and has various sports medicine and orthopedic injuries. He has a history of brain aneurysms with two in 1988, one of which almost killed him.

He also had prostate surgery and a gall bladder removed.

Dr. O’Connor did not deal with Biden’s obvious cognitive issues. The doctor concluded he is “fit” to serve as President [if you don’t count his brain?].

Brain Surgeries

Joe Biden had two brain surgeries to repair brain aneurysms in 1988, one in February and another in May. His neurosurgeon gave Biden less than a 50% chance of making a full recovery.

He said Biden might never be the same [and he wasn’t that good to begin with.]

Biden has since acquired a reputation for blathering, being loquacious, and deviating from prepared remarks. The New York Times wrote that Biden had “weak filters” that made him “capable of blurting out pretty much anything.”

That tendency garnered Biden second place in Time Magazine’s Top 10 Campaign Gaffes for 2007.

He needs a cognitive test.

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John Has A Long Mustache
John Has A Long Mustache
1 year ago

A little dane bramage never hurt anyone, as long as you aren’t the leader of the former free world.
I’m surprised Colonel Hans Landa-SS isn’t out looking for the unvaxxed untermenschen under floorboards.
It is coming because bad things happen when a stalking horse figurehead gets its hands on the levers of power via a Big Steal.
Uncanny, a Dutch WWII movie is on teevee with a stirring speech for the Resistance against the onslaught of barbarism.