WEF SPOX Responds to Elon Musk’s Criticisms


The corporate fascists of Davos masquerading as climate Messiahs shouldn’t even exist. Unfortunately, they do. Elon Musk has been trashing them, serving as a voice for us peasants.

Mr. Musk said he declined an invitation to the summit this year, but a forum spokesman claimed he wasn’t invited and hasn’t participated since 2015. Who knows? Who cares?

Elon compared the summit to the web forum 4CHAN.

“There should be a game show: ‘4Chan or Davos, who said it?'” Musk tweeted in response to author Michael Shellenberger who called out the WEF’s attempts to fight conspiracy theorists.

The Twitter CEO called them the unelected world government no one wants.

The Tesla boss also replied to the WEF’s official Twitter account, challenging its claim that “overpopulation remains a global challenge.” Musk insisted the declining birth rates around the world highlight the exact opposite issue and that “population collapse is an existential problem for humanity, not overpopulation!”

He also questioned why it was a thing.

“Master the Future” doesn’t sound ominous at all … 🙄How is WEF/Davos even a thing? Are they trying to be the boss of Earth!?

This year’s Davos summit is reportedly being attended by 2,700 participants, including more than 600 global CEOs, 116 billionaires, and over 50 world leaders. The discussion topics include global issues ranging from war to climate change, technology, and security.


NATO Chief Stoltenberg made the announcement that heavier weapons would be sent to Ukraine at the World Economic Forum.

According to CNN, the US is expected to announce one of its largest military aid packages for Ukraine in the coming days, according to two US officials familiar with the plans.

The US is set to finalize a huge military aid package for Ukraine totaling approximately $2.5 billion worth of weaponry, including for the first time Stryker combat vehicles, two sources briefed on the next tranche of aid told CNN.

The package is not yet finalized, one of sources said, but it could come before the end of the week.

The new aid – one of the biggest packages to be announced since the war began last February – would also include more armored Bradley Fighting Vehicles.

At the same time, about a hundred Ukrainian servicemen arrived at Fort Sill to train in air defense systems and more. Biden and his crew will get us into direct war with Russia.

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