Weingarten: “Trust” Teachers to Do Their Jobs as “Mind Workers”


AFT President Randi Weingarten wants parents to trust teachers to do their jobs as “mind workers”. And she means exactly that. She wants far-left teachers to work their minds – not educate, not inspire – but “work” them.

Randy Weingarten can’t understand why she’s not trusted after pushing to keep schools closed and children in masks for two years and demanding 1619 and CRT in the schools nationwide. When the parents objected to the racist CRT and the 1619 Project in schools, she decided to go to war with them.

They are organizing and preparing to go to court to stop conservatives [it’s not only conservatives] efforts to block curriculum about [alleged] institutional racism, Axios reports.

When it came time to re-open schools, Weingarten – not science – guided the Centers for Disease Control. The proof is in emails obtained by the New York Post via FOIA. There was extensive communication between the two until school reopening guidelines were published in February. What the Teachers’ union wanted, they received.

In terms of working minds for transgender ideology, the AFT is right there.

Weingarten is one of the chalkboard Marxists, but she wants you to trust her.


The Left does a lot of mind-working and has been doing so in schools for the past 100 years. They keep reworking Marxism under different names and in different forms. Currently, it’s seen in CRT, 1619, attacks on the Bill of Rights, and the culture of WOKE.


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