Chalkboard Marxists In America


There are too many Marxist union teachers and professors in our educational system. If you check out the Left Forum conference which is held annually in New York City, you will be shocked at how many presenting workshops and sitting on panels are Marxist educators. Many state and the national teachers’ unions are led by Reds.

When Governor Walker was fighting with the teachers union in Wisconsin, the Communist fist was on signs everywhere and the same goes for the union teachers who battled with Rahm Emanuel.

WI teachers

Chicago Teachers with communist fist


Teachers’ unions have largely gone to the far left. The overwhelming majority of teachers are not Marxists but it doesn’t take  a whole lot to negatively and permanently influence young minds. Local unions tend not to be and are more reflective of the values of the community they serve, however, if this administration has anything to say about it, control over local schools will be wrestled from local governments and placed in the hands of the federal government.

The New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) has a Marxist bent. Communist Van Jones wrote a curriculum for their social studies program, but it’s not the only state teacher union that is. Unions in California, Oregon, even Utah are all on the far-left.

Van Jones is the race agitator and White House adviser who organized a rally that supported the terrorists on the day after 9/11 at about 04:41 on this link..

VAn Jones

In New York, communities with wealth have better resources and pour more money into schools. NYSUT wants that to stop just as Barack Obama does.

Barack Obama plans to move the poor and the criminal into wealthy neighborhoods and move resources out of wealthy neighborhoods through heavy taxation and whatever other means at his disposal. That’s the ideology of NYSUT and their Marxist allies.

This is on the NYSUT Social Justice page:

“…wealthy communities can contribute more to their schools; other communities cannot. That’s where we expect our government to come in…We have to speak up for equity in funding, resources and programs.”

If you earned enough to provide for a better education for your child, that will no longer be your right to do under social justice. Your school tax money will be redistributed for starters.

The AFT, under the leadership of leftist Randi Weingarten, photo below, is more out in the open.


They are an affiliate of the AFL-CIO and are closely associated with ACORN and other far-left organizations.

In an article on their website, “The Power of Collective Voice”, they do their usual complaining about how badly teachers in New York are treated. As an educator in New York, I can tell you it is not true. However, the entitled members who responded to a survey put out by the Badass Teachers Association show that they believe the federal government and policymakers are seriously damaging public educators.

It’s never really about the children for them though for most teachers it is. The teachers are not the union.

The Badass Teachers aka BATs is a Communist organization of 30,000 educators – they claim. One of their founders, Mark Naison, a professor at Fordham University, does not minimize his Marxist, anti-Capitalist beliefs. He has also formed the Facebook groups, “Dump Duncan” and “Occupy Teach for America.” These groups have an irrational hatred of corporations. They want to erase poverty and inequality with everyone else’s money.

Mark Naison

Mark Naison, Marxist Co-Founder of BAT

Naison is a former member of Bill Ayer’s Weather Underground.

He was a part of the Students for a Democratic Society and engaged in the Columbia University occupation in 1967 and 1968. He was arrested for those protests as well as for a bar fight in 1969.

Naison left the Weatherman after his last arrest, for fear he was putting his life in danger or because he wanted to concentrate on his studies, depending on which report you read.

He was friends with Ted Gold, the notorious Weatherman who blew himself up trying to make a bomb meant for people at a dance at Fort Dix . Naison wrote an ode upon his friend’s death according to Wiki.

“I remember Ted Gold best…
“He is dead…
Of a bomb meant for better targets…”

“We’ve got to turn New York City into Saigon,” Ted Gold said not long before he blew himself up.

Naison, his good friend, is running an influential teacher organization for 30,000 Communist teachers!

Also lauded in the article on the AFT website is the UFT’s PROSE program, an acronym that stands for Progressive Redesign Opportunity Schools for Excellence.

Under Communist Mayor Bill de Blasio, 64 PROSE schools have been put in place in New York City. There will be 200 in the next five years.

The UFT, United Federation of Teachers, is also a leftist organization. Their issues often have nothing to do with the education of children. They have put forth resolutions for universal healthcare, the elimination of right-to-work laws, tightening NYC rent control laws which are also Draconian and anti-Capitalistic, no changes to Social Security or Medicare (Social Security Disability will be bankrupt in 2016), full-press LGBT issues, and full-press endorsement of Democratic candidates.

Other issues for the organizations, especially the AFT, are $15 an hour minimum wages, multiculturalism, affordable or free college education (it’s their overpaid professors and administrators who are part of the problem), free PK, more public transportation and services, more retirement security, fairness for domestic workers, and ACORN.

The AFT was stripped of its Communist influences by Albert Shanker but the leaders since have moved it very far left. They support many George Soros causes such as the Soros-funded Health Care for America Now!

No discussion of Marxist teachers’ unions would be complete without mentioning the 3 million member NEA, the National Education Association. It is the largest labor union the U.S. and includes public school teachers, support personnel, faculty and staff in colleges and universities, retired educators and even college students planning a teaching career.

In 1938, along with Columbia Teachers College, they adopted the principles promoted by the Comintern-founded Institute for Social Research (the Frankfort School), a neo-Marxist program demanding the abolition of religion, family, education and moral values and the takeover of all means of communication. They also gave birth to political correctness.

“Among the elementary measures the American Soviet government will adopt to further the cultural revolution are…[a] National Department of Education…the studies will be revolutionized, being cleansed of religious, patriotic, and other features of the bourgeois ideology. The students will be taught the basis of Marxian dialectical materialism, internationalism and the general ethics of the new Socialist society.” ~ William Z. Foster, Toward Soviet America, 1932

The NEA exists on the lingering holdovers of the ideology and is a powerful voice for the far-left on abortion, sex ed, school prayer, universal healthcare, multiculturalism, bilingual education, racial quotas, and the list goes on and on.

The Communist Party USA highly recommends the book, Reds At The Blackboard, which catalogues the history and present day influence of the Communist party in education and in unions.

Economist and adjunct professor Dr. Mark W. Hendrickson wrote about Barack Obama in Forbes on July 26, 2012.

“… we should not recklessly call Obama a “Marxist-Leninist.” Although it’s too long and cumbersome a label for a generation addicted to sound bites and simplistic labels, a fair description of Obama and his economic goals is to say that he is “an interventionist, corporatist, statist, Big Government progressive, free-market-hating control freak who favors economic policies of a Marxist-Leninist flavor.”

Yet, he’s not Marxist enough for Bill Ayers.

Bill Ayers

Bill Ayers, photo above, Communist and former leader of the Weather Underground, called it.

The following is one workshop taped in 2011 with union teachers explaining how to push Marxism in the classroom.

Glenn Beck dealt with it in 2011.

Edited after publication with updated information.



  1. If you take the time to read the stated goals of the Communist Party you’ll see that control of the education system is fairly high on the list as kids minds’ are more pliable. Eugene McCarthy had it right and there are people that STILL refuse to believe him! As far as I’m concerned, the only good commie is etc., etc…

  2. I’ve taught in the inner city for 27 years. I see how extreme economic inequality is in this country and what an affect it has on the social, emotional, and intellectual growth of the students I teach. The goals I have for my students are the same as for my own child. I want them to be happy, healthy, and to achieve their full intellectual potential. Isn’t that what the U.S. should want for all of her children? “They want to erase poverty and inequality with everyone elses money.” Where did that wealth come from in the first place? Who plow the fields, build the homes, sew the clothes, clean the homes, prepare and serve the food, and generally provide the labor that created that wealth that the rich are so reluctant to share? “The comforts of the rich depend on an abundant supply of the poor” The parents of my students are poor, but they work harder and for longer hours than any of the folks I know who live in big houses in nice neighborhoods. My students deserve an equal opportunity. Am I going to stand by and do nothing while the greedy, selfish, and fearful ruling class does everything it can to keep them down and continue to exploit them? Call me pinko commie if you like. I don’t think it’s too much to ask for people to get living wages, equitable spending on education, and decent healthcare. “What so ever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me”. “Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.”- Those are the values I grew up with and that I’m compelled to live by.

    • You don’t know how “hard” the ‘poor’ parents work and you don’t know how hard or how “long” the parents who live in big houses work. You don’t know what you’re talking about. If you are so altruistic, then you keep your own nose to the grindstone and do your own job-teach kids how to read, write and do arithmetic. If you’re worried about their economic circumstances, then maybe you ought to quit worrying about their “social and emotional” growth” and just teach them how to read and write and balance their checkbooks. Do your job and quit politicking, because that’s what you’re doing. You’re cheating those students you profess to care about. You are a hypocrite of the first order, especially so since you work directly with them, and you’re cheating them. You are not the solution to anything. You are the problem. Enough with the crocodile tears. commie pinko. It isn’t working anymore.

  3. I am willing to bet a fairly large sum that that second photo is bogus, too.
    Come on, now. If that’s what you are basing this article on, lies and fraudulent data, then you deserve no respect or attention at all.

    • Which photo do you think is bogus? It’s odd that you’re ignoring the crux of the article and all the links and facts that are indisputable.

    • Yeah, it’s just a vast, right-wing conspiracy, ain’t it, Guy? With all due ….respect….don’t let that …..gate…..hit you on the way out. And, no, you won’t get the humor in that, but that’s okay.

  4. I am positive that the second photo is also made up.
    Come on, now.
    If that’s what you are basing this article on, lies and fraudulent data, then you deserve no respect or attention at all.

    • Check the links – it’s definitely not fraudulent and as far as BATs are concerned, I have personal experience with them. If you are a union activist, there’s not way I’ll convince you. What do you think is untrue? That the unions are run by socialists? That Bill Ayers and his ilk have a movement that is effective? That VanJones didn’t write the curricula? Believe what you will.

      I just googled your name and found a GF Brandenburg blog with Mark Naison articles on it – any relation lol

      Why were you thrown out of the Ed data summit. I agree with you on the problem of data collection.

  5. LOL @ The Badass Teachers aka BATs is a Communist organization of 30,000 educators this article is hysterical i would put money on it that the author of this article was either kicked out of BAT or not let in from the start and is butt hurt

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