Weirdest, rudest, most dishonest Fox News segment ever


For some reason, Fox News doesn’t want to hear a word against George Soros’s funding of lax, progressive District Attorneys. An exchange on the subject today on Outnumbered with Newt Gingrich was weird, rude, and revealing.

First, the host Harris Faulkner told Newt Gingrich to leave George Soros out of the conversation. Newt was explaining truthfully that Soros is pouring outrageous sums into DA races — basically buying them.

Newt then asked Harris why since Soros is funding these elections. That’s when Marie Harf interrupted and said dogmatically with a smirk, “George Soros doesn’t need to be part of this conversation.”

Newt responded, “So, it’s verboten.” With that Harris Faulkner looked deadly serious and condemning as Fox cut the feed.

Fox will no longer allow the truth. In the past, they’ve also dismissed people who mentioned Soros on Fox. Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch was banned for telling the truth about Soros.

Watch the weird and disrespectful exchange:


Free Beacon’s Joe Schoffstall asked, “How exactly is it a “dog whistle” when Soros does heavily bankroll numerous DA candidates across the country? This isn’t some conspiracy theory.”

Robby Starbuck tweeted, “This is one of the weirdest exchanges I’ve ever seen on TV. @newtgingrich correctly points out that George Soros threw an unprecedented amount of money into DA races all over the country to elect radicals and Fox News basically told him to shut up. WTF?”

He continued, “In one smaller DA race alone George Soros pumped in $800,000. He’s done this all over the country to elect extremists. This has been widely reported. I’ve always had a lot of respect for you @HARRISFAULKNER but why was Newt shut down for pointing this out?” Starbuck was talking about Shani Mitchell of Monroe County in this tweet.

Starbuck writes, “In Philadelphia George Soros spent an insane $1,700,000 to elect Larry Krasner as the DA. He bought that race entirely. He’s done this all over the country. How is this even the slightest bit controversial to point out.”

Anti-Semitic to tell the truth? About a man who is no Jew, he’s an atheist!

Starbuck didn’t even touch the surface. There are so many more and Soros is buying sheriffs races as well. Soros also funds organizations that fund Black Lives Matter, the organization we are all supposed to pretend is a civil rights organization and not a revolutionary communist movement.


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    • What makes Soros or anybody else think bought and paid for District Attorney’s who refuse to prosecute rioters and arsonists (so they can do it again) is going to hurt Trump?

    • I used to respect Harris Faulkner but no more since she exposed herself as being as bad as most of the FOX personalities. Why does anyone waste our time with Marie Harf and the rest of the leftist swill they insist on having on?
      When will Trump take down Soros? The many examples of campaign interference are only growing and nothing is being done to remove that guy. I don’t care if he has dual citizenship, this is foreign influence in our elections.

    • Why aren’t the Murdoch brothers being investigated for colluding with Soros? They are as guilty of campaign interference as he is by so obviously trying to protect him when anyone dares criticize him.

      • Something is very wrong with the way Fox News is being run. It is disappointing to see how they are ruining it. Soros we all know has his hands in most evil plots against America. We know that he control most Democrats and some Republicans who take money from him and his organizations. To have Harris and Melissa cut off Newt was the last straw. They are just as bad as the rest of the MSM. Harf is a waste of time everyday but if the Twit brothers wanted to ruin their fathers legacy they are doing a fine job.

    • I watch more Newsmax now than FOX. In the evening it’s Tucker, Sean, Laura. In the early mornings, Fox and Friends, then Newsmax the rest of day when I’m home.

  1. Why would Newt go on a show with a bunch of brain dead dolts, surely there is something better he could do with his time. Like pick-up the dog turds in his backyard.

  2. Jack Posobiec posted this:

    Earlier Fox “quoted” Jack

    Will Fox now check his twitter feed.

    Jack also posted this on his twitter

    People should start flooding Melissa with all the information. For some odd reason she’s seemingly covering for Soros. Hell, even Secular Jews want no part of the man. Same with Israelis. What does that say about him.

  3. You all need to look the Secretaries of State project he funded with Tides Center/Tides Foundation (a leftwing slush fund for subverting America that has collected $4T dollars (Yes, that’s four TRILLION dollars) since 2007. That is money used to buy elections and put commies in charge of counting our votes. It is an outrage. It is way past time to start shooting – the civil war is inevitable.

  4. If you still trust Fox for news you’re way behind the curve. Soon they’ll bounce Tucker, Sean and Laura for being Conservative and for being honest. FNC is not honest.

  5. Wow, I had been seeing Fox’s defence of the left but never have I seen it that blatant. Who the f%^k is that blond headed leftist bimbo so diligently doing what she was told? And the fake conservative Harris Falkner sits there in silence. I wish Tucker would move to a respectable news network.

  6. Faulkner disappoints me all to hell! I always thought that her and Melissa Frances were square shooters but they’re really QUEER SHOOTERS! I don’t watch FOX news any longer I haven’t since O’Reilly left. I only watch Tucker and sometimes Laura in the PM. This is the most despicable thing I’ve ever seen on FOX. Totally unforgivable because those two ho,s have given in to the mob!!

  7. I didn’t get that impression of Harris at all. Melissa Frances started the disruption and was joined by Marie Barf. Harris looked like a deer in the headlights, wondering who was going to speak next, and SHE GAVE THEM THE OPPORTUNITY to carry on, including Newt if he had chosen to. Shake your finger at Frances and Barf, not Harris.

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