We’re losing the war, open borders is built into the system at DHS


There is a culture war inside the Department of Homeland Security between conservatives and the open borders crowd. Open borders, although it is wholly unAmerican, is now built into the system at DHS. We know that from whistleblowers at the agency who spoke with James O’Keefe

The unAmerican Left sees this as their ticket to a one-party country, Soros style, in a country they hate.

  • DHS Insider: “There is a cultural war going on [inside DHS] between the conservatives and the people who like open borders, and it’s been going on for years. The conservatives are losing.”
  • DHS Insider: “If you are getting a bonus because you’re approving of someone coming into the country and working — which could potentially be an American job — I think that is unforgivable.”
  • DHS Insider: “We’re supposed to be there to protect national security, and we’re supposed to be there to protect American jobs.”
  • DHS Insider: “A friend of mine that worked with me in immigration, who was a computer guru, couldn’t get a job with Microsoft. He went to work for immigration, and he stamped up and approved applications by Microsoft to bring in foreigners to do the job that he could have done.”
  • DHS Insider: “When they [visa renewal applicants] ask for an extension under the deference policy, we’re supposed to accept the fact that the first approval was valid, and therefore, we just approve it. It’s numerically centric. They [DHS] want us to approve as many [applicants] as possible.”
  • DHS Insider: “Immigration officers get a bonus at the end of the year, depending on how many files have been processed. Process includes denial, but the chances are that the vast majority of them are approvals.”
  • DHS Insider: “It’s a bad thing because it incentivizes approvals. If they denied 90 percent, there would be a far less amount of cases processed because it takes so much longer. If you approve a bunch of cases, then you are going to obtain a higher bonus because the processing numbers are higher.”

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