We’re Watching the Downfall of the Western World


You have a front-row seat to the downfall of the Western World. The Western World is pushing war, destroying fossil fuels needed for survival, sinking into depravity, taking away freedoms, and putting people on the dole. However, none of that compares to the horrors inflicted on the children. We are killing the concept of a child in the Western World.

Statue of Liberty half buried in the sand

The insane LGBTQ+ Pride culture of immorality is used to destroy the children. We aren’t talking about normal gay people who should be separated out.

Don’t believe me?

This is from The Federalist:

Boston Children’s Hospital is promoting the mutilation of healthy kids who claim to be “transgender” via “gender-affirming” hysterectomies, sterilization, and chemical castration despite the irreversible mental and physical damage those procedures cause.

For years now, BCH has mutilated children’s sexual organs under the guise of “inclusive reproductive health care for people of all gender identities and anatomies.” That includes prescribing hormones that suppress menstruation in underage girls and block the increase of testosterone in minor boys, phalloplasties and metoidioplasties for 18-year-old girls who want penises, vaginoplasties for 17-year-old boys who want vaginaschest reconstruction and breast augmentation for children as young as 15, and even medically unnecessary hysterectomies for girls whom the hospital deems eligible for surgery.

Just this week, BCH scrubbed a video titled “What happens during a gender-affirming hysterectomy?”

LGBTQs teach a bizarre ideology to children in schools, and some of these children have compliant parents.

It’s also going on at Pittsburgh Hospital:

According to Ian Miles Cheong, “I’m told by fact checkers that this is a lie and that it doesn’t happen and that you’re just trying to encourage terrorism against innocent doctors.”

Don’t believe your lying eyes.

None of this is normal.
It’s in our schools and it’s long past time to fight back.

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