WH Will Ban Russian Oil and Buy Oil from Iran and Venezuela


The White House announced this morning that it will ban Russian oil. Biden’s newfound interest is in response to a bipartisan desire on Capitol Hill to rid American markets of Russian oil. Democrats and Republicans have reached a deal to ban Russian energy imports, and there might have been enough of them to override a veto. If not a veto, Biden was still facing a humiliating fight.

Biden also wouldn’t want to look weaker than Congress on Putin.

It’s a popular political move, but Biden will not go back to unleashing US oil production and now wants to buy dirty oil from Venezuela and Iran, two terrorist nations that hate us.

Prices will soar as allies of Russia take advantage of their new opportunities.

Politico writes:

Underscoring the urgency of the moment, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said Monday that he had spoken with Biden administration officials about curbing Russian imports “and they’re looking closely at it.” He said the administration is working with European allies — several of whom have already said they oppose a ban — and that he expects the public to hear from the White House relatively soon.

“I’d love for President Biden to do it on his own. I think he’s looking at it very seriously,” said Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), whose vote is critical to Biden’s success in a 50-50 Senate. “It needs to happen.”

Speaker Nancy Pelosi had vowed to unveil legislation to ban Russian oil imports this week — an endorsement that was viewed by many in the West Wing as a sign of its inevitability, according to two administration officials not authorized to publicly discuss private conversations, Politico reports.

“The House is currently exploring strong legislation that will further isolate Russia from the global economy,” wrote House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in a letter to colleagues Sunday.

“The Congress intends to enact this emergency funding this week as part of our omnibus government funding legislation. And an urgent request from [Ukrainian] President Zelensky is to help ensure air support for the Ukrainian armed forces,” she wrote.


The deal on Russian oil that lawmakers put together includes a ban on their oil and suspends normal trade relations with Russia.

They want to send a message but it’s the collateral damage they should worry about. These lawmakers, who don’t care about our borders, only Ukraine’s, are driving Putin and China closer together.

Congress said the legislation would provide U.S. President Joe Biden the authority to increase tariffs on goods from Russia and Belarus and would require U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai to seek suspension of Russia’s participation in the World Trade Organization.

It also pushes for a halt to Belarus’ proposed accession to the WTO.

This is all being done for Ukraine’s borders and sovereignty as our Congress allows US sovereignty and the rights of citizenship to be destroyed without complaint or action.

It will push Russia further into the China alliance as they bring in other Asian nations. This is an alliance that might one day destroy the West.

Warning from Donald Trump


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