Parents left Cali for Utah to escape CRT but found it’s worse in Utah!


Gloria Vindas and her husband Oscar

Parents who left California to escape Critical Race Theory went to 90% white Utah only to find it’s more prevalent there.

Gloria Vindas and her husband Oscar said they moved from ultra-liberal (leftist) California so their 16-year-old son would avoid the ‘Marxist and racist’ teaching of critical race theory.

But on arriving in Utah she said she found the issue to be even more prevalent.

“I found that they don’t call it the collegiate-level curriculum of critical race theory here but it is still being taught in the Utah education system and, if anything, I would say it’s actually more than the California education system,” Gloria told Fox News on Tuesday.

“What’s shocking is Utah is mirroring the education system of California, and I would say it’s probably the most progressive in the Western states when it comes to critical race theory and the school board are not listening to any parents – they just refuse to listen – and that’s what we found in California, which was one of the main reasons we decided to move here.  “

“So I’m concerned because it’s creating an environment here in Utah that’s creating more divide and I blame the officials at the top here in Utah,” Gloria said.

Gloria said she had been homeschooling her 16-year-old son since the seventh grade “due to common core and critical race theory in California.”

This poisonous curriculum is destroying the culture.

“I pulled him out and I was excited to put him in here [in Utah],” Gloria said.

However, after talking to locals and doing some research, Gloria said she found that teaching of critical race theory was even more prevalent in Utah than it had been in California.

CRT, as it’s called, teaches people to hate America and white people. It is divisive and evil. It teaches that what matters is the color of a person’s skin.

Here’s one example of what’s being taught:



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