WH Will Send $$ All Over Eastern Europe, Can’t Define Success in Ukraine


During her press briefing on Thursday, Press Secretary Jen Psaki said the White House doesn’t want to “define what success in Ukraine looks like,” as she insists the US must give Ukraine $33 billion to Ukraine for only five months.

She actually said Ukraine gets to decide “what success looks like.” We only get to pay for it, and risk WWIII.

Not only will we subsidize Ukraine, but we will send money to NATO allies who are suffering the results of inflation. And we’re not? Some suggest the money looks like a payoff to keep the war going.

Psaki stated the Biden demand for more money “is not all for Ukraine, it’s also for some of our Eastern European partners and others to help support them during this time as well.”

While we suffer from inflation? This is an enormous redistribution of wealth. The WEF will be thrilled.

It is taxation without representation and our rulers are dictators. Psaki says it with such arrogance that it is mind-boggling. Democrats are very cocky and seem certain of their future. They are not a bit concerned about angering the people. Another run of election irregularities coming, perhaps?

Go to about 17:50:

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1 year ago

Our economy just retracted 1.4%, but Mumbles is spending and giving away $ at a record pace. No politician should be allowed to give a penny to any country – and no, I simply don’t care about the circumstance – unless we are at a balanced budget and not borrowing/printing to finance our largesse.

Let the big feelers in Europe cough up ‘assistance’ to Ukraine. They’re not our problem.


1 year ago

One thing you can be certain is that after this $33 Billion passes through the sticky fingers of the Obiden Junta Ukraine will be lucky to get $3 billion mainly of old Soviet equipment stored in warehosues across Poland and Eastern Europe. I doubt if any funds will be used to help the 5 million who have fled the fighting.