What Happened to the Big Bombshell Russia Collusion Story of Last Week?


Congressional Democrats misread or lied about the information they were briefed on by U.S. intelligence officials this month. Someone — probably Adam Schiff — then fed that misinterpreted information to The New York Times. If you can remember all the way back to LAST WEEK, you know that the new Russia collusion story was big news with Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton calling President Trump ‘Putin’s puppet.’

The Times published that misinformation in a “bombshell” report last week. The report falsely claimed Russia has been actively seeking to boost President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign.

After the report’s publication, it spread throughout the Internet universe.


The U.S. intelligence officials told NBC News that the information was wrong.

Moreover, NBC revealed that the Democrats responsible for funneling misinformation to the Times were the same ones on Schiff’s House Intelligence Committee.

“At issue is the secret analysis presented to the House Intelligence Committee Feb. 13 by the top intelligence official in charge of election security, Shelby Pierson,” NBC reported.

“Current and former officials who spoke to NBC News this week say the misinformation and controversy surrounding that briefing have left them on the defensive.”

According to NBC, these officials have pinned the blame for this information specifically on “misinterpretation by some Democratic lawmakers.”

“Two intelligence officials told NBC News this week that Pierson did not tell lawmakers that intelligence showed Russia was actively working to help the president’s re-election campaign,” network revealed.

The only question is if Democrats misunderstood or lied, but, hello, it’s Adam Schiff.


What happened to the story? It’s a big story, a bombshell, massive news of Russia collusion, but it’s gone. Why wasn’t Mueller resurrected from the depths of dementia and Andy Weissmann pulled from MSNBC or wherever he is now?

More to the point, beyond the sarcasm, why doesn’t the media do a better job of telling the public the truth — the Democrats lied or stupidly misinterpreted the briefing. They just leave that lie out there to float around the Internet.

The liars and incompetents get away with it every time. Then they go on their merry way to lie another day.

It’s simply more Shifty Schiff BullSchiff which he regularly fees to the media, who eagerly eat it up.

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John Vieira
John Vieira
3 years ago

The “sniping” will never stop…until/unless the voters, whose brains are not yet “fried” by the incessant pulverization inflicted by the MSM, completely decimate the Demoncrapicrinos in 2020…

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

Have moved on to the next bullet aimed at Trump

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
3 years ago

The level of deception going on in is unprecedented.

But the intelligence community need not use dems as a conduit to the NYT, it has a direct conduit. The NYT is an intelligence community disinformation outlet.

Let’s not overlook the participation of repubs in this all. I hear nothing from Burr, was his committee not informed. He as usual will not lift his little pinky to help Trump. Nor will Mitch.

There are people in Intelligence sending this disinformation to both sides.

Winston Smith
Winston Smith
3 years ago

It got flushed down the memory hole and there was a shot of delicious peach mint vodka to go with it.
The comrades have short attention spans thanks to stupidphones and TwitFaceGram so it is like the old tree falling in the forest saying.