What happened to the flu? Not one case of it in the UK


Health authorities in England announced they have not had a single case of influenza this year. One professor suggested that mask-wearing should be kept in place during winter to drive down flu deaths to “zero,” according to the Independent.

“The social restrictions brought in to curb transmission of coronavirus, combined with an increased uptake of flu vaccine, have both been credited with driving down infections,” reports the Independent.

They want Brits in masks for life, BUT are they basing this on FACTS or assumptions? Could there be other reasons?

Now they want the same restrictions for the flu as they have for COV. Why not colds also?

Of the 685,243 samples that have been reviewed at PHE’s laboratories since the first week of January, not a single one has tested positive for influenza, the Independent reports.

Is that true or is it that they can’t distinguish between COV and the flu with these tests?


“Dr Vanessa Saliba, head of flu at PHE, told The Independent: “The decrease in flu cases this year is likely due to changes in our behaviour, such as social distancing, face coverings, and handwashing, as well as the reduction in international travel.”

Notice the word ‘likely.’ It is a good guess. However, if policy is going to change and make people live in a bubble then it better be more than her ‘likely’ that forms the basis.

She wants everyone to continue bubble living, but she’s only guessing that it’s all from a change in behavior.

In an article by Joseph Watson at Zerohedge, he writes that other experts say they are counting flu and pneumonia as COV:

…other health experts have suggested that flu cases are so dramatically low because influenza cases are being falsely counted as COVID cases.

Last month, top epidemiologist Knut Wittkowski asserted that “Influenza has been renamed COVID-19 in large part.”

According to the CDC, the cumulative positive influenza test rate from late September into the week of December 19th was just 0.2%, compared to 8.7% from a year before.

According to Wittkowski, former Head of Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Research Design at Rockefeller University, this was because many flu infections are being incorrectly labeled as coronavirus cases.

“There may be quite a number of influenza cases included in the ‘presumed COVID-19’ category of people who have COVID-19 symptoms (which Influenza symptoms can be mistaken for), but are not tested for SARS RNA,” Wittkowski told Just the News.

Numbers published in April last year by the UK’s Office of National Statistics also showed that there had been three times more deaths from flu and pneumonia than coronavirus.

“The number of deaths from flu and pneumonia – at more than 32,000 – is three times higher than the total number of coronavirus deaths this year,” reported the BBC.

Before we make assumptions that could be dead wrong and establish policies based on scientists guessing, we need to get the facts. We need to know what happened to the flu and pneumonia.

There are many reports that indicate only surgical masks work.

We should not establish policy based on the word of bureaucrats or scientist guesswork. We need actual facts.

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