What In Fresh Hell Is Happening in Georgia to Rep. Greene


A radical-Left FEDERAL Judge Totenberg allowed an unconstitutional political trial to go forward, and it began today. The case is an attempt to remove Marjorie Taylor Greene from the ballot by calling her an insurrectionist. The lawsuit was brought by a far-Left group representing left-wing voters. They are using the 14th Amendment as a basis for the suit. However, that would only apply if Rep. Greene was indeed an insurrectionist.

This trial is an attack on the 1st Amendment as well as the 14th.

In no way did her tweets or comments reach the level of an insurrection. In fact, no one who was at the Capitol on January 6th was charged as an insurrectionist.

No matter what anyone thinks of her, they should choose to follow the law. If this is what we can do now, we don’t have a Republic or a Constitution. Anyone who supports this is more of an insurrectionist than Marjorie Taylor Greene could ever be. Democrats are attacking democracy.

These voters and the judge want to deprive the voters of the choice. It’s not their job to decide who can appear on a GOP ticket.


This is a joke and a waste of taxpayer dollars.

This lawsuit is a joke. They’re putting her through the wringer for TWEETS or because she insulted some people!

They want to take her name off the ballot because they think she got a line from a movie. Clown world!

Rep. Greene insulted Pelosi and that’s just not allowed in this authoritarian administration:

She was met with applause when she entered.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

The corrupt RINOs would love to see her unjustifiably removed. There is no word of concern from them on this persecution. McCarthy talked to Cheney about removing Trump though he was leaving office 2 weeks later. He publicly supported Cheney until he was forced to stop. He lectured Greene on being nice over her understandable remarks. He must go.

1 year ago

Now that we know that the 2020 Election was stolen or at the very least fraudulent, Marjorie Taylor Greene is one of the few people who should be allowed to run for reelection. VP Pence should have declared the 2020 Election Fraudulent and let Congress (House of Representatives) sort the mess out.

If you read the 14th Amendment closely, then there are very few Democrats who meet the 14th Amendment requirements. In fact, few people now in Congress or the Traitor Joe Administration passes muster. There is a “Giving Aid or Comfort to Enemies” clause in the 14th Amendment. Since Congress is Derelict in stopping the Administration who refuses to stop the Invasion at the Southern Border (Even After Court Orders), both the Congress and the Administration are Giving Aid or Comfort to our Enemies.

I sincerely hope that next year we will see a Congress directing the Justice Department to indict everyone involved in Fraudulent 2020 Election activities, all the way down to charging the Mules who stuffed ballot boxes with Treason. All the Traitosr deserve nothing less than being hanged – in public!

No Nation should ever allow it’s elections to be stolen. We have Witnessed a Coup and those responsible deserve the death penalty. It’s interesting how Democrats can insight people to burn down Cities, but if a Republican goes to the Capitol to Petition the Government, the Ball-less Politicians run and hide. If you can be scared by the People so easily, you don’t belong in Politics. The only time a Politician should be scared is when they are going something wrong – very wrong! Supporting a Fraudulent Election is something that is very wrong; and rises to the level of a Crime and Misdemeanor so the whole Congress should be Impeached.

Considering how often Congress approval is in Single Digits, every Election should have a “No Confidence in Congress” issue on the Ballot. (Same for the President and the Supreme Court.) If a Majority of The People vote “No Confidence”, the Congress is disbanded and a Snap Election called. No one in the Congress can run in the Snap Election.