What Putin Said About Who Is Running the US



Alex Jones said the Tucker Carlson interview of Russian President Putin will drop soon. In the meantime, CDM gave us a sneak preview.

According to Creative Destruction Media, during his interview in Moscow today, Tucker Carlson asked Russian President Putin who runs the United States. He replied:

“The same forces which have always run it. You may change presidents, but you do not change those in real power. That is who we have to deal with. Joe Biden is just a facade for this power structure.”

Tucker asked him about President Trump’s potential re-election. Go to Creative Destruction Media for more.

This next clip is funny. He trolls a Russian, asking him about his interview.

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Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
20 days ago

With AI the spying is done automatically and much more quickly.

An AI computer can read millions of articles or comments and spot key words in seconds… while a team of humans, even a large team of many thousands would need hours or days.

It does not matter to a government gone rogue ( as the Biden administration has) if this is illegal, we have no way of knowing or of proving they are doing it.

Since no one can prove it is happening, they don t even bother to obtain authorization from a judge.

So of course they are doing it more and more everyday.

And because of all that they can afford to spy on a much larger number of people, even have their AI spy on the small players who are unimportant…

why ? because a small unimportant person may be in contact , occasionally with a bigger target.

Spying will become so easy and so inexpensive they will spy on all of us even on babies…think I lost my mind?

Read on…

Some modern toys and devices for babies or toddlers have computers, have a camera , a microphone and wi fi connectivity.

if they cannot spy on you directly they may do it trough your kids devices or toys.

If you own an Alexa or similar device, you are paying them to spy on you.

For every great invention someone created, some evil people have found a nefarious way of using that invention to do more nefarious things.

I am 64 and I miss what life was in the 1960s and 1970s

I do not hate technology, I hate what evil humans do with it.