What Sick Day Naming Is This? We’re Doomed!


The State Department claims today is Pronoun Day in honor of invented pronouns to refer to people with gender dysphoria. As an English teacher with a minor in psych, I reject the pronouns and the insanity of all this.

According to Twitter users, this is INTERNATIONAL pronoun day.

Instead of the State Department getting Americans and Green Card holders out of Afghanistan, Secretary of State Blinken is tweeting about freakin’ pronouns.

What about some accountability for the deaths of 13 service members and hundreds of Afghans? Nooooo, we can’t do that because we are busy with pronoun insanity.

The State Department website states that its mission is to represent America’s foreign policy abroad and to advance the interests and security of the American people. How does this advance that?

The following was added after publication. We saw it on Rebel News and wanted to share it with our readers:

According to the International Pronouns Day website, the day is designed to push the acceptance and normalization of requiring people to ask each other about their personal pronouns.

Under the policy, which was made popular by Tumblr users and social justice activists in colleges across North America in the mid-2010s, individuals are encouraged to ask about and respect others’ personal pronouns such as “he” or “she,” as well as preferred pronouns like “xe,” “e,” and “fae,” and “bunself.”

Yes, the latter refers to people who identify with bunny pronouns.

“Referring to people by the pronouns they determine for themselves is basic to human dignity. Being referred to by the wrong pronouns particularly affects transgender and gender nonconforming people. Together, we can transform society to celebrate people’s multiple, intersecting identities,” the International Pronouns Day website claims.

According to the State Department, “it’s becoming increasingly common for people to ‘share their pronouns.’”

Blinken is Blanken nuts.

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