“What the Hell is happening to Fox News,” President lashes out at Chris Wallace


President Trump lashed out at Chris Wallace on Sunday, calling him a wannabe, which is a reference to his late father Mike Wallace, a prominent journalist. On his show Sunday, Wallace appeared to buy into a new wave of attacks claiming President Trump delayed the social distancing mandate and was responsible for deaths.

“Just watched Mike Wallace wannabe, Chris Wallace, on @FoxNews,” Trump tweeted. “I am now convinced that he is even worse than Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd of Meet the Press(please!), or the people over at Deface the Nation. What the hell is happening to @FoxNews. It’s a whole new ballgame over there!”


President Trump reacted to Wallace speaking to Dr. Tom Inglesby of the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security about the coronavirus response. Inglesby said that if the U.S. had acted on some of the warnings earlier that we would be in a much better position.

Inglesby didn’t mention President Trump.

Mr. Inglesby said he’s not sure that there was the political will to do it in February.

He also said that it appears that we’re heading towards a peak or a plateau. President Trump also tweeted yesterday about how Fox News on weekend afternoons is a waste of time.


Wallace decided to use his show this morning as an opportunity to put President Trump on the hot seat:


This morning on CNN Sunday, Dr. Fauci suggested the administration delayed the social distancing for three weeks, after prompting from Jake Tapper. Host Jake Tapper referred to the lives it cost and Fauci appeared to agree. It is the latest attack that has gone around for the past two days.

While President Trump’s name wasn’t mentioned, he is always the topic.

Dr. Fauci must have forgotten his own advice in February.

This is what Dr. Fauci was telling President Trump on February 29th, and it was the advice he was giving President Trump:

On February 29th, he was asked about people wanting to go to malls, movies, maybe the gym, and the hosts wanted to know what “should we be changing our habits and, if so, how?”

His response was, “Right now, at this moment, there’s no need to change anything you’re doing on a day by day basis. Right now the risk is still low, but this could change. I’ve said that many times even on this program. You’ve got to watch out because although the risk is low now, you don’t need to change anything you’re doing. When you start to see the community spread. This could change and force you to become much more attentive to doing things that would protect you from spread.”

He also said it [the virus] could be a “major outbreak,” but he hoped not, “or it could be something reasonably controlled. At the end of the day, this will ultimately go down.”


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Shell Answer Man
Shell Answer Man
3 years ago

Rupert’s sons wives. Mean girls all who think that they will be kommissars in the Great Leap Forward redux.

Lindsay Ford
3 years ago

time to shut up fauci,hes getting over his skis,his dem side is showing

3 years ago

Steve, you are being too nice! Jim is an
ignorant self opinionated idiot with no real grasp of fact over fiction. He is the problem with America today believing the BS propaganda distorted by the media to further a global agenda that destroys our freedom and liberties. Just another fool who has no respect for our President or any American who gave there life for freedom. Trump 2020!

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
3 years ago

This is another trap set for Trump, quite similar to the Russian hoax. In both cases, his staff, the DOJ and the health officials, worked deliberately against him.

3 years ago

Jim, you’re a blithering idiot.