What’s So Wrong with Red Flag Laws? 



What’s So Wrong with Red Flag Laws? 

Just about everything.

There are already red flag states, here’s a map:

Note among those, “red flag,” states,  the ones with the strictest gun laws in the country, all share something in common. They suffer from the greatest numbers of gun violence.

This alone should make quite apparent, limiting citizen’s access to guns simply DOES NOT WORK. These states include places like Chicago, Baltimore, both worthy of the label murder capitals of America.

Criminals will always find a way, law-abiding citizens should not be made to pay the sins of the few.

Now comes the big one.  These laws put the power in the hands of bureaucrats to decide who may be, MIGHT be, a potential danger to themselves or others.  To this end, I will remind you under President Obama, WHO HLS designated as, “potential domestic terrorist.” Among those finding themselves on this “blacklist,” would a lot of innocent Americans.

Despite that, Obama could not UTTER the words, “Radical Muslim Terrorists,” he had NO problem labeling 72 classes of Americans potential terrorists (1).  Here is a mere sampling:

People for: Individual Rights, the Constitution, Liberty, Patriots, Right to Life, Christianity, Religion (other than Islam), States Rights, Veterans groups, People against or concerned about: Communism, Socialism, Muslim extremists, abortions, the UN, Illegal immigration.

THIS IS JUST A SAMPLE.  When you read the entire list, I promise you millions of American citizen will find themselves labeled a potential terrorist many times over.

Now imagine every person on this all-encompassing list allows the government to DENY THEM THEIR 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS.

So no, lawmakers will never overtly ban and confiscate guns.  Tyranny is rarely that overt.  But by this back door approach, they will accomplish those same ends.  How EASY — label them psychologically unfit and, Wah Lah, away goes the rights of those people.

You will never find a President Trump standing at the ready to deem nearly every American citizens’ mental status a danger to themselves and others.  But do NOT allow yourselves to be deceived, after Federal Red Flag laws are put in place, let just ONE DEMOCRAT president enter the oval office and the Second Amendment will be forever gone … along with every freedom we have ever enjoyed, freedoms more than a MILLION have given their lives on our behalf.

There is a major crisis which has progressed over the past 40+ years.  Back in the 1970s, politicians (predominantly Democrats), oversaw the closure of nearly every Psychiatric hospital in the country.  There were hundreds of thousands of inpatient beds in every state readily available for those suffering from mental illness.  Instead, these politicians decided it was more, “humane,” to place these people in small, community homes from which they simply walked away.

Fortunately, we have a fairly current example of what follows a nation banning guns in Australia.  They banned guns in the late 1990s.  During the same time period, the 1990s to date, gun ownership in America exponentially increased.  And yet, murder by gun between Australia and the US has remained statistically the same.  But the real caveat, after the ban, all forms of violent crime in Australia has increased, while violent crime in America has decreased.

A Genuine Crisis

Anywho discover a friend or loved in need of intense psychological help is left completely helpless.  There simply are no inpatient beds available, nowhere.  Instead, we now have these people committing heinous crimes and, instead of hospitalization, they are put in prisons.

No doubt funding for psychiatric hospitals are now re-directed to prisons overcrowded with people who belong in hospitals … any extra funds, God only knows where that ended up.

No doubt, there will require a multi-disciplined approach to ending gun violence.  All empirical evidence supports, banning law-abiding citizens from owning guns is NOT the answer.  If not pure common sense, statistics and facts support this.  As does history for it is replete with examples of the horrors which follows a disarmed citizenry.

When a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, IT IS THEIR DUTY, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.


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