When a Top GOP Official Tried to Bribe Kari Lake Not to Run


A bombshell audio exposes a top Republican official, Jeff DeWit, 51, attempting to bribe Kari Lake to not run for the Senate in Arizona.

Kari Lake had revealed this at CPAC last year, and DeWit was asked to step down.

In the audio, he attempts to bribe her.

He didn’t think President Trump could win.

Jeff DeWit, 51, chair of the Arizona Republican Party, can be heard asking Lake, a close ally of Donald Trump, to name her price to stay out of politics for two years.

“There are very powerful people who want to keep you out,” he tells her in a conversation recorded at the start of March last year.

He asked her to not tell anyone, and then made the offer.

“So the ask I got today from back east was: “Is there any companies out there or something that could just put her on the payroll to keep her out?”

Lake didn’t take it well, and then he asked her if there is “a number at which…”

Lake cut in: “I can be bought? That’s what it’s about.”

“You can take a pause for a couple of years. You can go right back to what you’re doing.”

She said she couldn’t be bought for a billion dollars. Kari Lake had never mentioned who made the offer.

On Monday, Arizona talk show host Garret Lewis named DeWit, who was elected chairman of the party in January last year.

He was state treasurer of the party before being appointed by Trump to be NASA’s chief financial officer.

The bad news is our officials work against us. The good news is Kari Lake can’t be bought. She’s honest.


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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 month ago

DeWit’s career should be over.

His presence as the head of the party shows that the party is actively involved in trying to lose elections and stopping conservatives. We also saw that in 2020 and 2022 as republicans Brnovich and Ducey (WEF) allowed obvious big election crimes

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 month ago

Trump is good, he is not a mind reader.
Kari Lake is one tough lady who had not only great leadership ability, but is also a sound thinker.