Mayorkas Is Accused of Allowing an Invasion of the Homeland


Rep. Eli Crane questioned four border officials at the Mayorkas hearing and addressed Article IV of the Constitution – the invasion clause. Treason is Article III which includes aiding and abetting the enemy during war.  Could allowing an invasion be considered treason?

Crane asked, “Are you guys familiar with Article Four of our Constitution often called the Invasion Clause? I’m gonna read it real quick. The United States shall guarantee to every state in the union a Republican form of government and shall protect each of them against invasion.

“Now, there’s arguments right now about whether or not this is an invasion, but it’s tough to argue when you have the equivalent of a combat division size of illegals coming across our southern border, for those of you that don’t know, 10,000 individuals every single day, an invasion.

“We’ve talked about what comes with those individuals from crime, you know, the economic burdens on our citizens, the families being destroyed of fentanyl.

“You guys are all familiar with that. You guys see them every single day in your own states. Is that correct?

All answer, “Yes.”

Crane: “Thank you. “

Crane: “Are you guys aware of the job title of Alejandro Mayorkas, Mr. Nelson? “

Nelson: “The specific job title is Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.”

Crane: “Secretary of Homeland Security. Now, I’m no constitutional scholar, Mr. Drummond, but just from that job title alone, that maybe his job might be to secure and protect the homeland?”

Drummond: “He has the duty to control the homeland and guard our homeland.”

Crane: “Mr. Bailey, is Secretary Mayorkas doing that?”

Bailey: “He has abdicated his official legal responsibilities and his moral and ethical duties.”

Crane: “Mr. Knudsen, Is he doing that?

Knudsen: “Absolutely is not. He is derelict in many of those duties.”

Recently, Mayorkas threatened some Republicans, saying,: “You’re not gonna like who comes next.” When Cammack asked him if that was supposed to be a threat, Mayoraks allegedly didn’t respond but smiled. We imagine it was an evil smirk since he’s so good at that.

That suggests Democrats have a plan – an evil one.

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30 days ago

Accused? That’s like saying Hunter has been accused of being a dope fiend.

I Call BS
I Call BS
1 month ago

Mayorkas’ replacement must be confirmed by the Senate. If spineless, corrupt McConnell wanted to block a bad nominee, he has the votes to do that. Mayorkas doesn’t know who is next because he doesn’t control the ultimate confirmation process, and neither does anyone else in the executive branch. Period.

1 month ago

It’s not accusation, he’s been caught dead to right’s in the act of committing treason.

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
1 month ago

” … That suggests Democrats have a plan – an evil one. …”

All plans Democrats have are evil.