When Bernie said the U.S. military action was almost like Hitler


In the early 1970s, a young Bernie Sanders accused the United States of committing atrocities on par with those of Nazi Germany, saying U.S. military action in Vietnam was “almost as bad as what Hitler did.”

He was speaking to ninth graders at the time.

Sanders told the children that the North Vietnamese were not his enemy. “They’re a very, very poor people. Some of them don’t have shoes,” Sanders said. “They eat rice when they can get it. And they have been fighting for the freedom of their country for 25 years. They can hardly fight back.”

More than 58,000 American military members died or went missing in the Vietnam War.

Free Beacon uncovered the information. The man is traitorous and seeks to overturn our government.

Comrade Bernie Sanders is as far-left as any communist. His agenda is communistic.

He loved Castro:

This next clip is Bernie in Soviet Russia during the height of the Cold War. He honeymooned in the Soviet Union:

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Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
3 years ago

Reminds me of Bill Clinton’s vacation behind the Iron Curtain when he bragged about quaffing a few beers with the local communist officials.

3 years ago

A miserable angry hate filled communist degenerate relic it was stated he battled for the heart of the democrat party. It no longer has a heart, it lost it’s soul.Unfortunately he didn’t get lost in Siberia and put in a Gulag in the 70’s when he went to Russia. Unfortunately he came back and lectured to group of 9th graders, and still is. The people who follow the old demented tyrant have the same gullibility and comprehension level of a pubescent adolescent. Bernie has a common bond with Communism he never worked and Communism hasn’t either. He brings out the worst in people. The people on his campaign staff are a disgusting rabble of dregs and deadbeat derelicts, threatening to create hell in Milwaukee if he fails to get the nomination. The governor best place the NG on alert. If such an event happens Bernie may be a victim of his own campaign carnage. The democrats want him removed and therein lies the potential for his demise. If these are the type of mental cases who work for him now, what kind of trash and human waste will the decrepit reprobate pile in his cabinet?

3 years ago

He’s crazy.