When Minneapolis police were told to not follow a shooter — into the sanctuary


In March, the Minneapolis police were involved in a vehicle pursuit and as they entered the “autonomous zone,” they were told to back off. For months, demonstrators have been camping out in a small “autonomous zone” set up by George Floyd Square, at the intersection of East 38th Street and Chicago Avenue.

This is what anarchy looks like.

As the vehicle, involved in a “shots fired’ incident,” entered the “autonomous zone,” a supervisor on the radio could be heard saying, “Don’t go in.” Shortly after that, the officers are instructed to not chase them if they run.

We’re talking about someone with a gun who is dangerous. Meanwhile, the Left, running everything right now, wants to come into the homes of ordinary Americans and take their guns for little or no reason.

Eventually, the police surrounded them and one of the men had gunshot wounds in his hand.

The autonomous zone is a dangerous sanctuary for criminals. George Floyd, being he’s a criminal, would have loved it.

Now we have Democrats demanding the George Floyd Policing Act which will keep the police from doing their jobs. They will be subject to personal lawsuits for pretty much anything they do. What police officer, making $40,000 to $80,000 a year roughly, will put him or herself out there to get sued? The loons will be suing constantly and these judges today don’t throw our frivolous lawsuits.

And George Floyd is no hero. Why are we honoring a man who held a gun to a pregnant woman’s belly, and robbed her? She was also pistol-whipped. He committed other crimes and was committing a petty crime the day he died, plus he probably died from the drugs. There was no proof that George Floyd died from a lack of oxygen. His oxygen levels were fine.

We’re sorry he’s dead but he was what he was.

Sanctuary — autonomous zones — for criminals should not exist. Criminals don’t care about George Floyd — it’s an excuse. This is complete anarchy.

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