Former Minneapolis police officer: the police are “helpless”


Former Minneapolis police officer Steve Dykstra explains in the clip below to a Fox News host just how bad Minneapolis is. He left the force last summer and says the city officers “feel helpless.”

That is the goal of the Left. They want to tear it all down.

He said, “This goes back before George Floyd. Since around 2015, I know the city of Minneapolis has been backpedaling, taking tools away from police to enforce the law and keep the streets safe,” Dykstra told “America’s Newsroom.”

The problem was building up for years as city officials took away the “tools.”

“They feel pretty helpless out there,” Dykstra said.

“You take away loitering laws and the ability to pursue vehicles. You don’t have to stop for the police in Minneapolis anymore, thanks to Mayor Frey and the city council. Cops get frustrated,” Dykstra said, adding that he refuses to be a “stand-down cop.”

“What you see is chaos, violence, and reoccurring crime.”

The final straw was when [the fool] Jacob Frey ordered the police to abandon their precinct during the summer riots.

“They gave that building to them as a token,” he said.

Frey is the guy who tried to pin the riots on white supremacists and was found out. BLM thinks he’s too law and order. The place is ruined.

Think about it. As an officer of the law, you can’t stop criminals in a chase, you hand over precincts, your autonomous zones are sanctuaries for criminals, and the police don’t have the tools to do the job. That is the recipe for anarchy.

Minneapolis is a disaster but it’s not the only city going through this. Democrats are ripping apart every city with an anti-law and order policy, claiming law and order is white racism — it’s the white man’s racist law. Law and order is white racism? They seem to think so.

Earlier today, as the AP was reporting about George Floyd to honor him, gunshots rang out and they had to duck for cover. The place is the Wild West.

Check out St. Louis. The crazy mayor there is determined to defund the police out of existence as their crime rate soars out of control.

As criminals take over cities and cartels cross our open borders to join them, some places will be uninhabitable. Make sure you don’t give up your guns.


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