When not traumatizing staff, Kamala greets the heads of state


Kamala Harris was the person who greeted German Chancellor Angela Merkel at her “VP” residence today, not Joe Biden, who basically does nothing almost every day. Check his schedule to see what I mean.

For the THIRD time now, Kamala Harris was the person who greeted and hosted a head of state.

Oh, whatever, we all know why. Joe has a lot of bad days, even with whatever drugs they pump him up with.

The Terror

Cackling Kamala is meanwhile terrorizing staff members.

Former staffers are still “traumatized” by their employment under her in California and are “terrified” that she could be next in line to become president, reports Business Insider.

“It’s a nightmare scenario for some former Harris staffers who watched nervously as their former boss ascended the national political stage,” Business Insider reported based on interviews with a “dozen” of the Vice President’s former staffers.

“Many of them remain loyal Democrats and fans of Biden, but they didn’t want to see a boss with whom they’d had a bad experience become the Democratic Party’s standard-bearer,” Business Insider noted. “Biden, at 78, was already the oldest person to assume the US presidency. He’ll be a few weeks shy of his 82nd birthday on Election Day 2024, and there’s already speculation six months into his term over whether he’ll run for reelection.”

She’s Doing a Banner Job as Border Csar Too

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Tim Shep
Tim Shep
2 years ago

I’ve said this before and it’s starting to come true, liberalism is a mental disorder.

Super Mario Matrix
Super Mario Matrix
2 years ago

Can she play Super Mario Kart?
Heads of State? How about Easter Island heads!